Was Smith in Baltimore in July 1912


Dec 12, 2009
How do you do?, A Captain Peter Pyral claims he saw Captain Smith in Maryland, Do you thinks that they're is any chance that Captain Smith survived this terrible disaster? what are you're thoughts on this. Sincerely Laura


I also read, that Captain Smith was seen in Baltimore Maryland, some time after the disaster this man say's he was quite certain that it was him he said he would recognize Captain S. anywhere.This may have been a case of mistaken identity. Chloe

Jimi Humpalot

Because of Titanic's notoriety, there have been many, many far-fetched stories over the years. I believe that this is just as fanciful as the rest!

Is it possible that he could of simply remembered seeing Smith at a different time or maybe he genuinely mistook someone else as E.J.Smith? Perhaps he just lied to get his face in the paper?

Believe me, there are always people who are prepared to exploit a famous incident to further their own ends...
May 12, 2005
The press of 1912 was not immune to publishing ridiculous stories. Just as today the National Inquirer & other such rotten tabs claim gorillas can & do give birth to space aliens, the papers of those days put out their share of trash. That Capt. Smith survived the Titanic is only one of many absurd tales connected w/ the disaster - but one I must confess I had not heard til now!
Apr 20, 2010
Heres a quote from the new york times of 1912 any ideas on this. Was mentioned to me a few days ago.

ok are we sure captain smith went down with titanic someone just informed me of a guy claiming to have seen captain smith on July 21,1912 The same guy worked with him on the majestic. It was reported by the New York Times

From the New York Times (July 21st 1912)

Captain Peter Pryal, one of the oldest mariners in Baltimore and well known in shipping circles and who had sailed with Captain Smith when he was commander of the Majestic, made a startling statement today.

Captain Pryal said he saw and talked to Captain Smith yesterday (July 20th) at Baltimore in Saint Paul's Streets. He declares he walked up to Captain Smith and said; "Captain Smith how are you?" The man answered; "Very well Pryal, but please don't detain me, I am on business". Pryal said he followed the man and watched him buy a ticket to Washington, and as he passed through the gate of the railroad station, Captain Smith turned, recognized Pryal again and said; "Be good shipmate, until we meet again."

"There is no possibility of my being mistaken" said Captain Pryal today. "I have known Captain Smith too long. I would know him even without his beard. I firmly believe that he was saved and in some mysterious manner was brought to this country. I am willing to swear to my statement. Many persons may think I am insane by saying this, but I have told Dr. Warfield of the occurance and he will vouch for my sanity."

Dr. Warfield said tonight that Captain Pryal was perfectly sane. The Captain is of well-to-do means and is a consistent church member.