Was Titanic really the largest or was this really a bit of a joke

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Do you guys not think Olympic earned the title largest liner in the world more than the Titanic as there was not another ship of her class (give or take a bit more tonnage) finished and she would have been the largest liner for a longer period… How long would the Titanic have been the largest? A few months — not sure ? That plus there already being the Olympic at almost the same size ( to the human eye at least ) makes me question if Titanic really was the largest ? I suppose she was but really in truth it seems a bit of a bit of a joke that Titanic was hailed as the largest liner in the world ? Very much so considering Olympic and the German ships literally just round the corner. I suppose that is she *was* but only briefly. I understand Olympic left with more publicity than Titanic as she was the first.

I suppose a better way of putting it would be *the Olympic class ships* were the largest in the world.

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It seems in 1912, that "largest ship in the world" referred to "most massive", for which the Titanic certainly did fit the bill. I don't recall one advert or person saying that one ship was bigger than the other purely for size reasons.



Titanic was larger than Olympic in Gross Registered Tonnage. The dimensions were the same. GRT measures volume and Titanic had more measured volume because of her extra enclosed areas. Owners sometimes play round with GRT to make their ships seem impressive. You can add a dog kennel to an open deck and claim more GRT!

The slightly later German ships, Imperator, Vaterland and Bismarck were all larger than Olympic and Titanic, both in dimensions and GRT.

Measurement is explained on my site at http://users.senet.com.au/~gittins/dimensions.html
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