Was WMM really sexually molested

A rumor has been floating around that Will Murdoch was sexually molested by a cousin/or uncle, from the time he was 7-years-old, and up to when he was in his early/or mid teens. If anybody knows, I would like to know if this is true or not?

Thank you.

Inger Sheil

This rumour derives from so-called 'past-life memories'.

Those in the Murdoch family who are aware of it are appalled by such baseless, salacious, scandal-mongering. Fortunately, as far as I know, his closest living relative has not yet been exposed to this nonsense.

There is no evidence whatsoever to support this story.
This is not a rumour that has ever 'floated' in my direction. And if it derives from 'past-life' memories, I hardly think it either a reliable, verifiable, or indeed suitable, source of discussion for this particular Board.
"Will people ever give this guy a break?"

It would seem not. Alas.

Honestly, anything that comes out of "past-life memories" is to be taken only as seriously as a work of fiction...although depending on the quality of the memory, one should determine whether to appreciate it as imaginative, or to chuck it in the wastebasket. It's not hard to know what to do with this particular bit.

Jason D. Tiller

I've never come across this rumour either and since it's from past life memories, it does not have any substance to it. At least one Murdoch family member supposedly, has not heard about this absolutely ridiculous rubbish.
Let’s not get into this about reincarnation. I am as tired as the rest of you are about this subject being exploited — probably more so, because I am a strong and proud believer in it. It pains me to see people who don’t understand the belief and its principles using it for their own selfish glorification. But while they deserve to be criticized for their ignorant mistreatment of the ideology, I don’t want to see this perfectly legitimate tenet of faith, which is an essential part of many world religions, attacked.

Reincarnation is true to those who believe in it. It cannot be proven by earthly means, any more than the existence of God can be proven. Nor should it be. It is a spiritual matter.
I agree 100% with you there, Randy...on the subject of reincarnation. For I too, to a certain degree, am a strong believer in it.

That is why, when it comes to Will's alleged molestation...what I heard, I soon begin to doubt its validity myself. Especially about the sad perverse attack that was allegedly done to him when he was a mere sweet innocent little 7-year-old, out in Dalbeattie Woods. I love him very much, and therefore--my heart went completely out to him, for he did not deserve to be violated this way...and had it been true, then he is/was the victim here. It was such an outrageous an act...I felt that I desparately needed to know if it just might be 'true' or not.

Mark Baber

To prevent this thread from unraveling in the same manner as others have in the past, might I suggest that we all refrain from expressing our personal beliefs about reincarnation and past life memories, and stick to the issue initially raised by Tammy, namely whether there's any evidence to support the "rumors" she mentioned.

As I read the response so far, the answer seems to be "No." Let's leave it at that until/unless someone with evidence to back up a different answer emerges.