Waste Disposal

John Senchak

Dec 26, 2004
Well let's see, Well I have a real good understanding of the system
when it comes to the main engines and the
Center Turbine. As the low pressure stem
leaves either the Turbine or the Engines
it is sent to the Condensers.

It is my understanding that water would
have to pumped through the units to return
the steam into a liquid state. From there
it would then be
pumped back to the boilers.

The secondary cooling system took water
from the outside the ship and circulate
water through the condenser units and
then is pumped to the outside.

Please tell me more about the cooling
process and if other equipment that used
steam (ash ejectors, electical turbines)
sent there spent steam to the condensers.

Futhernore, if the engines where not running
was there a way to bypass to the condensers
preventing steam from entering the cylinders
and turbines.

John Senchak

Mark Baber

Dec 29, 2000
The World Evening Edition, New York, 2 November 1912
Original article digitized by the New York Public Library
Retrieved from the Library of Congress' Chronicling America web site,

New Sea Device a Success
The officers of the Celtic of the White Star line arriving to-day reported
the complete success of a new hydraulic suction device for dumping ashes
from the stoke hole. By it the ashes are drawn down a grating in the stoke
hole floor and shot into the sea thirty feet below the water line. The
suction is such that the London shipbuilders who invented the machine
believe vacuum cleaning tubes which will clean the whole ship can be worked
with it.