Water coming through plumbing fixtures?

was there any reports of water coming into cabins unusual ay sush ventilation,toilets,bathtube and sinks?
how much waer could enter throught said elements? did actually water penetrate ventilation shafts and cause darkness in few corridors? (i.e bursting bulbs)..

lets say there is toilet in third class deck and bow is deep in water,would water pop out of toilet? toilet itself would be below waterline and eith all that port list and trim on bow would water spill out of it?
I recall a Titanic book by Bruce Beveridge which states that the internal plumbing had safety valves which prevented the sinks and toilets from overflowing up the pipes, similar to a sink or a bathtub that has an overflow hole which filters the water out when it rises too high and prevents it from spilling over. Although we don't know how well the system worked because she was on her maiden voyage and there were all kinds of problems occurring e.g. Mrs. Shelley said there was a major problem with the heating during the voyage and it had to be turned off in 2nd class so that repairs could take place. Also if the Titanic was listing heavily to port during the evacuation then it may have affected the water filtering in and out of the ship's pipes and allowed it to spill over. I recall the cruise ship Oceanos which sank and how her plumbing had played a signifcant role in her sinking. e.g.

'The water steadily rose, flowing through the 10 cm (3.9 in) hole in the bulkhead and into the sewage waste disposal tank, because there were no check valves to stop it, the water flowed through the main drainage pipes and rose through the ship, spilling out of showers, toilets, and waste disposal units.'


In the case of the Oceanos, the ship sank precisely because the check valves which should have been there had been removed. It took a long time to do it but when there's nothing to stop the backflow, you're going to fill up.

With Titanic, it just wasn't an issue. That doesn't mean it didn't happen in some instances but with the watertight boundaries in open communication with the sea going all the way back to Boiler Room 5, it was a trivial annoyance by comparison.