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Jul 22, 2001
kent uk
Hello. Does anybody have any information regarding passengers journeys to Southampton by train. I think that 3rd class trains arrived at 9.30 a.m and 1st & 2nd class at about 10.30a.m
I have several old timetables but no-one seems to know much about the Boat Trains. How much did a 3rd class ticket cost from Waterloo? Was the fare 'all in' like you can get today? Perhaps there are some written accounts that I could read?
many thanks Emma

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Hi Emma,

I was told many months ago that most of the records for the London & Southwestern Railway Co, are stored somehwere at the PRO Records in Kew.

Whether they are accessible remains a mystery.

I hope this points you in the right direction for your research.

Regards-Andrew Williams.
Jul 20, 2000
Hi Emma,

I cannot help you with the train arrival times; but I can quote from White Fare booklets with regard to the London to Southampton Rail Fares:

1st Class; the fare was 10 shillings ($2.50 US); for those paying above the minimum; which was 26 pounds. For those paying the minimum (and for servants) the fare was 11 shillings ($2.75 US). Both on top of the Ocean Rate. For 2nd Class the rail fare is given as 7 shillings ($1.75 US). For 3rd Class 5 shillings and 6d ($1.40 US).

I hope this helps,

Trent Pheifer

Eaton and Haas said that the boat train with second and third class passengers left Waterloo Station at 7:30 and arrived dockside at around 9:30. While the boat train carrying first class passengers left platform 12 at 9:45 and arrived dockside about 11:30. I hope this can help any.

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