Watertight Decks

Sep 5, 2001
In question 21000 of the British Inquiry, Edward Wilding says "that a watertight deck about or a little below the waterline forward might have saved the ship." However, he adds "Forms of accident that are just as likely to happen as this one might result in the space of such a watertight deck being flooded, and that would lead to an IMMEDIATE (my emphasis) capsize."

What "forms of accident" is Wilding referring to that would cause an immediate capsize?

Nathan Robison

Dave Gittins

Apr 11, 2001
Try a dirty big wave that swamps the foredeck and sends half the Atlantic down the various stairs, ventilators and so forth. Olympic once took a big green one that flooded the crow's nest! You don't need extra weight on upper decks. Any uninvited ocean has to get over the side or into the bilge quick smart.

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