Waves Pushing Lifeboats Away from the Ship?



Survivors in the lifeboats were pushed away from the ship by a wave, possibly several. Does anyone know why this occurred, as the survivors were expecting suction but the opposite effect appeared to happen? e.g.

Edith Rosenbaum
"It stood on end and then seemed to shoot or dive; went down by her nose with such speed, that I seemed to think it would come up again in some other part of the ocean. There was a very heavy explosion under water, a second and then a third. We were surprised that instead of sucking us in, the effect was to the contrary, it pushed us out and onward."

Helen Candee
"The steersman in an increase of fear lashed our boat to another for the comfort of companionship. The waves slopped high between the boats and fell upon us, so that the lashing had to be abandoned. When I lifted up my head from that incident, the great Titanic was gone, engulfed, sunk into the sea."

Mr. Weikman
"I was afloat on chairs about 100 feet away, looking toward the ship. I seen her sink." Q - Did you feel any suction? A - "No; but there was some waves come toward me caused by the ship going down, and not enough to knock me off of the chairs."

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Harland Duzen

Jan 14, 2017

A) Titanic breaks into 2 (or 3 but that's for another forum) and the stern section falling back caused a wave slimiar to the 1997 scene but not as dramatic. This theory implies however that the breakup wasn't so severe or destructive and that it wasn't as noticeable.

B) When water began to fill up the bow section, the excess flowed back out creating a small wave (like when a tidal pool or cup overflows).

C) when the Stern disappeared, it made a ripple effect on the water (again like the 1997 film), however this would contradicts the testimony of Charles Joughin who disembarked ''without getting his hair wet''.

Kyle Naber

Oct 5, 2016
Lifeboats that were close to the bow during the plunge experienced waves after the fall of the first funnel and ones further aft probably would have experienced waves as huge ripples as a result of the breakup.

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