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Beautifully put, Parks. Just why the Raise the Titanic crowd cannot accept the inevitable is beyond me.

It also seems extremely sad that this board should lose the contribution of a marine engineer (and allow me to say, a most eloquent one at that) because a few people are too pig-headed or pea-brained to have their views challenged without resorting to personal abuse and insult. I suppose it's the usual case in life of a minority of idiots stuffing everything up for everyone else.

Such a shame, really.

Erik Wood

As everybody else has already said. Great Post Parks. Good to see you come out of lurk mode every once and a while.

This book sounds amazing! It will definitely be amongst my growing Titanic library! Thanks for the information, Parks.


well put! Your offerings and insights have always been appreciated from this ETer. Matthew Lips' post above pretty much sums up my thoughts on the vocal minority...

I look forward to the end results of the hard work Ken and co. are putting into the forthcoming companion volume. I eagerly and patiently anticipate adding the book to my coffee table.

Again, thanks for all you do!

To all interested -

In response to some private questions, I am purposely vague about the contents of the "Ghosts" companion book because 1) I'm involved with or are knowledgeable of only a few select areas of the work in progress; and 2) there's no way for me to know what information the editors at Madison Press will select for the published copy. I'll be waiting along with everyone else to see the finished product.

In regards to the other question, I don't know when the book will be released. I have heard talk of a Spring 2003 release date for both movie and book, but I wouldn't bet any amount of money on that.

About all I can say at this point is that I'm excited about the prospects for this book. Done properly, this book will be an invaluable reference source and not just another glossy Titanic picture-book.


Nathan Lee Casteel

I think that we should Respectly leave Titanic to rest in peace cause she needs to with all of the souls that she took with her down to the bottom of the North Atlantic. Respectly I think that we should leave the ship to Rest In Peace. Who here agrees?



Robbie Tresham

If I could just add something please. I must say I totally agree that Titanic must stay in her grave. Such a short life is a tragedy beyond comprehension, but the ocean bed is her resting place. May she "Rest in Peace." God bless her. However may I ask if Cameron actually made a replica of her for his movie. Maybe it might be
possible to have a full size replica on display somewhere. Finally Jeremy, please don't surrender,
you are very young yet, and you have the enthusiasm of youth, all life is learning and I feel that in time to come you will become a well-respected and learned board member.
Good wishes Robbie
Robbie -

Cameron didn't make a full size replica: He mocked up one side of the ship, slightly smaller than the original, at a specially built studio... but it was dismantled after filming was complete. There were various smaller models used too.

I read that he WAS considering building a full size replica and sinking it for real - but didn't have time! How true that actually is, I don't know

To Steve Smith, I heard that to. I saw the set at the Baya studios in Mexico. I believe he had said he was considering building a real ship, but money was a factor and also stunt people didn't want to jump 1000 feet into the water. Plus with digital technology he felt he could get the same effect. Now if it was Werner Herzog directing the film, I bet he would of built a real ship and sank it. Heck he pulled 1 over a mountain in a rainforrest.

Lol...! You're right. Herzog wouldn't be put off by little things like 1000ft jumps. In fact he'd probably have tried to drown at least a couple of extras in the name of absoloute authenticity. But what part would Klaus Kinski have played? Not Jack Dawson - I don't think he'd have appealed to the teeny market in the same way as Leo. Maybe Captain Smith?

Seriously though, I think what Cameron achieved with the set was remarkable. Remember all the press reports before the film came out - nearly all to the effect that it was going to a total disaster? A lot of people were mocking the fact that he'd only built half a ship and was filming everything on the "other" side in mirror-image. Funny how quickly they stopped mocking when the film was released....

Robbie Tresham

Talking of movies I read some place that the English "Carry on" movie series were at one time planning a "Carry On Titanic" movie. Now what a debacle that would have been. To my mind an awful show of bad taste and insensitivity.

Alex Twitchen

Many people would consider that "an awful show of bad taste and insensitivity" describes most of the "Carry on" films that were made !

Just out of interest, has anyone actually had sufficient bad taste and insensitivity to attempt to make a comedy based on the Titanic disaster ?

I hope not.


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