We are looking urgently for a passenger and model designer

Hello. I'm new here in this forum

First apologies for my English

I have the following concerns: A few Internet users and I have been trying almost 2 months Titanic PC Game to create.

It should be a writer of the shooter Crysis will be without weapons, it plays it as a normal passenger and experienced everything you were experiencing was also on board the ship

Only we are looking for something in support of passengers and create individual rooms and models and animations.

If the interest you should, I would have a message of you very happy.

Everything you learn more from me personally

I apologize again for my English.

I hope you can still read it.

I have thought I post a few pictures to your model something to arouse interest.

At first I would say do I start with an outdoor model of the ship


>>The levels from G to F Deck <<

The bostwick gate shown in the picture probably did not exist in this area. There is a set indicated for the forward third class area, but this was on E-Deck.