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Although things keep getting much better, certainly this new message board seems somewhat confusing, but I know I can get the hang of it. Great job with the update on Mr Salomon! Keep up the good work!

arthur hill

thank you for a brill titanic site i could not believe my eyes i have been looking for something like for ages well done keep it up. my mother nearly went on the titanic she was sixteen at the time i don`t know the curcumstances why she changed her mind but i glad she did i think she was going to america with her boyfriend but ended up having a row and she ghanged her mind about going

Caroline Lohmann (Caroline)

My grandmother was a survivor from the Titanic, but I can't find her name listed in the passenger list. I've been told that the lists are not complete. Where can I find more information on passengers?

Philip Hind

Staff member
Dear Caroline,

What was your grandmother's name? If she is not on the lists here I should be very surprised if she was actually on the Titanic.


Dan Parkes

I am wanting any information regarding the alleged suicide of First Officer Murdoch, as portrayed in James Cameron's film. At present I have nearly completed what must be one of the most extensive and/or comprehensive review of his life and the controversy surrounding his death, with the objective of discovering the TRUE Murdoch and what REALLY happened to him.

There is certainly a lot more exciting information about Murdoch than what can be found in Encyclopedia Titanica or Richard Edkin's Dalbeattie web-site (Murdoch's home-town) and I am wanting to make this freely available for everyone. If you have information regarding this you think should be included or are just interested to know the result and/or release date, feel free to e-mail me at: [email protected]


Daniel Parkes (alias Mr. Titanic -New Zealand)
I've only read one book about Murdoch, "Good-bye, Good Luck," by Susanne Stormer. Are there others? How do you get on the Dalbeattie website? I'd like to find out more about his and his father's trips to the western United States.

Tomás Matthews

My great Grandmum's, Cousin's Dog was on the Titanic. He isn't listed in the Passenger list, why not?

(That was a joke BTW)

Lou Kerr

For those of you who have access to the History Channel on your cable systems:

8:00 PM (EST)Thursday March 23 "Doomed Sisters of the Titanic". The program is one hour in length and is about the Olympic and Brittanic.

Lou Kerr
Cincinnati, Ohio (USA)

Neil Hesketh

My grandfather's cousin was Second Engineer Henry Hesketh who went down with the ship. There is a small display of some of his belongings in the Liverpool Maritime Museum and I have seen his reference in the 'Titanica'. Does anyone know of any more details of Henry or his family - including surviving relatives? Incidentally anyone who has seen 'A Night to Remember' will know that, despite coming from Liverpool, Henry was incredibly portrayed as a Scotsman!
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michelle koberski

Can anyone tell me where to find info on how to build a replica of the titanic for my 9 yr.olds class project ?
nothing to complicated please.. i'm not very artistic ..
thanks in advance
csideswty @ aol.com

Mel T.

I just recently began speaking with others on this message board and I must say that - like Rose said in the movie - It's truely a wonder!!!!
I love it. I've been able to share my knowledge with others as well as many people have with me. Thank you for creating it.

Albert Edward Washbrook

I hope some one can help.During my research on this site I seem to remember a place called "Leadville",and although I cannot find it again I think it was to do with the officers or engineers.
The reason I am asking is that in the early 1940s in Sydney Australia I lived in a house by that name and my paternal G/Mother who was born in Birmingham England at the beginning of the 20th century often mentioned the Titanic.From memory "Leadville" was near Dublin but I can't find it on maps I have available.
Thanks for any help,
Regards Ted Washbrook
The only Leadville that comes to my mind is the Colorado town where Molly Tobin Brown's husband Johnny struck it rich in the ore mines. I will check around Albert.

Albert Edward Washbrook

Thanks Shelley,
For some reason ,that rings a bell, there may be a Leadville near Dublin Ireland.
Thanks again for your prompt reply,
Regards Ted (Albert) Washbrook

Christine Geyer

Happy birthday dear board,
happy birthday dear board,
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Phil you made the best invention in the whole wide web :D Congratulations!! *shovingabigfatbirthdaycakewithfourcandlesinphilsdirection*

Jason D. Tiller

Happy Birthday ET!

Thank you Phil for creating the best Titanic site on the web.

Best regards,