Were passengers not allowed to board in Cherbourg if they were sick or lacked an immunization



My husband's grandmother, Panacea Milani, was just four when the Titanic sailed. Family lore says she and her father and step mother were unable to travel on the Titanic because Panacea was sick and lacked an immunization. (About all I can think of would be small pox). Is there a list of people who were supposed to board in Cherbourg? The family did travel to the US on the ship Chicago out of Le Havre, which landed in NYC April 17th, 2012, so they were in the general area at the general time.


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Another family tale!

Chicago sailed from Le Havre as early as 6 April 1912 and reported to Bolt Head UK on 7 April Your relative obviously had no intention of sailing on Titanic.
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