Were there enough bathrooms on Titanic

May 9, 2001
Excellent points Randy! That makes sense that the stewards/esses would have worked out some type of scheduled times. They would almost certainly have had to clean the rooms up after each use and thus the necessity of such a schedule.

Hey Dean!
Good to hear from you too. I'm still reading the documents you sent me. Yeah I'd almost be willing to bet that the third class passengers weren't expected, by White Star, to bath as often as the upper class people. But did you notice on the deck plans for the Third Class common area beneath the poop deck, that there are no men's rooms indicated? Guess after a few pints of stout the lads would have to dash/stagger/tumble down the stairs to the next deck. (or take a casual stroll to the stern and admire the stars above and all that water below.)
Most guys will get that. ;)

'G-day' to you too Michael,
I would have to think that the staterooms would be locked at sea as well. All that jewelry and money aboard. The master at arms would have to post guards in the First Class areas if the doors weren't locked. If I were a 1st class passenger I would certainly want to lock my door while I'm away at dinner or someplace.
Maybe I'm misunderstanding, do you mean the doors would not lock behind you like modern hotel doors do? Please elaborate.