West Family & the Unknown Son

Hi, I am looking for information regarding the Edwy Arthur West family that was on board. I have read the biographies on this site and they have been very helpful, but I have a few more questions that maybe someone can help me out with:

1) From what I gather, Ada West was pregnant while on board the Titanic and eventually gave birth to a son after arriving in America. Is there any birth record or other information pertaining to this child available?

2) When the Wests returned to England on board the Celtic, was the unnamed son with them? When did they leave America?

3) After arriving in America, where did the surviving members of the West family reside? Did they perhaps have a relative or sponsor who they were planning on meeting or staying with?

4) In Arthur West's biography on this site, it says his brothers were named Edgar, William, and Frank, but in Ada West's biography, it states that after returning to England she resided with Arthur's brothers "Messrs. R.K. and A.P. West"-- which are the right set of brothers?

Any other information not mentioned in the biographies would also be extremely helpful!
Allison Melton
Hello Allison

Earlier this month I posted an appeal on the ET message board for more info on Constance Miriam West. It was aimed mainly at former pupils and possibly staff at Miss West's old school where she had been educated and worked. I had attended the same school as a junior pupil in 1947-1950.
No such pupils or staff have yet contacted me.

I understand that Phillip Gowan has some further, as yet unpublished, info on the West family. He may be willing to share it with you or at least tell you when and where it might become publicly available.

It is known that Ada West's second daughter (Barbara Joyce) is still alive and lives in South-West England. Other relatives are also likely to be living in the same area.

I would be interested to know if you have any connection with the West family.
Dear Allison,
I'm not ready to make all of my research on this family public, as Tony indicated, but let me tempt you by saying that the stories/articles you might have read alleging a son are incorrect. The alleged "son" didn't exist. Yes, Mrs. West was pregnant on Titanic--but she later gave birth to a healthy *daughter*--who grew to maturity and married a bank clerk with a promising future. They would later settle in the Bahamas where her husband held a prominent position in the Prime Minister's Office. Life in the Bahamas was good--until hers was cut short at a relatively early age by cancer.

More on the Wests will be forthcoming in the future.

Thanks for the info, that clears a lot of things up!! My grandmother thought she might have been related through this connection, but I guess not. Anyways, I appreciate the help!