What are the best Titanic DVD's documentary not film

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Dec 12, 1999
I'm getting my DVD collection updated ever so slowly, and among other things, I need to get the best documenataries about the Titanic on DVD to make my collection complete.

So, what are the best ones? I already have the A&E documentary.

BTW, does anyone know if the Discovery Channel program that aired a few years ago (the one with Matthias, Garzke, Livingston, etc.) is on DVD? I have a copy of it somewhere that I taped off cable when it first aired, but I'd definitely like to add it to my disc collection.
May 5, 2001
Dear Kritina,

Believe it or not, I have seen the National Geographic Special "Secrets Of The Titanic" on DVD and another not-so-good documentary that has four parts to it (NOT the one shown on A&E), the one shown on A&E in 4 parts is out of print on DVD but if you search on Ebay you may find it but you'll probably end up paying big.

The Discovery Channel Documentary "Anatomy of a Disaster / The Investigation continues" I have NOT seen on DVD and would snatch it in a heartbeat if I find it, this doesn't mean it is NOT available, I just haven't seen it. Check Discovery.com, you may have some luck there.

I'll be going after "Secrets" on DVD very shortly.

Jul 7, 2002
I, too, just got a DVD player. I found lots of DVDs listed on Amazon.com by searching for "Titanic" under DVDs.

You can also find DVD documentaries by going to the History Channel (www.historychannel.com), which includes A&E, or the Discovery Channel store (http://shopping.discovery.com), which include The Learning Channel. Prices are generally better at Amazon.com.

There's a History Channel documentary and and A&E documentary with the same cover. I've heard the A&E version is good, but has anyone seen the History Channel version? I haven't bought either one yet, so I'd like to hear more about both.

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