What are the pros and cons for TRMA and Andrew Clarkson's site

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When it comes to online Titanics sites- ET is, in my opinion, the best hands down- and has the most information, and a great messageboard. TRMA seems a home for the hardcore rivet counters who want to extend thier knowlege into model building- i dont build models, so its not my cup of tea. And everytime I log on the message board, a squabble was in progress. I feel ET is a nice oasis where most titanic buffs can by and large come together peacefully...And Ive tried to get into andrew Clarkson's site- but i just don't feel the vibe there- i feel more at home with ET-

For those of you who are regulars on the other 2 main titanic sites- what are thier strengths- or weaknesses?
I'd like to explore the other sites, but just am not feeling it......
I don't have a problem or issues with any of those sites. Their tone is a bit different, but I don't see it as being a pro-con matter so much as how they appeal to their members.
Yes, it's true that they have squabbles in the TRMA message board, but give credit where due - if you like a good squabble ET has some of the best, and they go on for much longer. :)

Philip Hind

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if you like a good squabble ET has some of the best

We aim to please
I like ET and titanic-titanic. I get the feeling that the members of titanic-titanic are often a good deal younger than the present company.

A point in favour of ET is the real names policy.

How Phil and Andrew manage to find time to run the sites is a little mystery. Thanks to both!
Yes, Bob, there's nothing like controversy to get the blood flowing- and there's plenty about Titanic which is controversial. Sometimes I think we could have our own ET Oscar Night and hand out some golden statuettes, with the salvage issue garnering the most recognition for continuing high drama in a starring role. As long as there is no red carpet and fashion critique. . . . :)
Great idea, Shelley. Imagine the tension while we await the opening of the envelopes for coveted awards such as Best supporting role in a squabble (there's no justice in the world if you don't get that, Allan) and Best postings in a foreign language (that one will be hotly contested). :-D
>>As long as there is no red carpet and fashion critique. . . . :)<<

Errrrrrrrr...you might need the Red Carpet to hide some of the blood stains. To say that we've had a few barn burners here is an understatement. For some real flamers, the obvious ones are the Californian (Always good for getting the blood boiling) and salvage, but don't forget some of the discussions on reincarnation. Those rarely took long to go to hell in a handbasket!

That aside, I'd be hard pressed to nominate any one forum as the best if only because they're different in focus. Titanic-Titanic appeals to a younger crowd and this is a good thing since these people are the future of any Titanic and liner historical research. ET tends to be a bit more academic in focus which appeals to some of the older hands such as myself.

TRMA fills an essential niche in that a lot of the techies of the Titanic Community hang out there, and some of them...such as Bruce Beveridge and Steve Hall have done some cutting edge research. They may not have quite the interest in forensics issues that some of us here do, but you would be hard pressed to find anyone who knows the nuts and bolts details of a lot of liners better then some of these people so.

Any way you look at it, all three websites have an important role, and Titanic research would be a lot poorer without them.
I think it's a good idea to frequent all 3 Titanic sites- I have greater familiarity with ET, but would like to be more active on TRMA-
I once thought that site was *only* for model builders- but I've since discovered it draws in techies and rivet counters as well...right now I'm only active on ET, and lurk on the other sites..
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