What did the Survivors See of the Break-up of the Titanic?


Can you share the history all you have please ? I'm just curious about the tragedy what would have happened with children, ladies and all the passengers. I humbly request.
Have you forgotten my Godmother's (my great aunt Sarah (Sissie) Agnes Stap) interview with the journalist from the Birkenhead newspaper a short time after the wreck ?  She was in the last lifeboat but one thanks to a cabin boy who almost threw her into the boat.  From the lifeboat she saw the lights of the Titanic go out one by one till the masthead light also went out; then the great ship disappeared gracefully out of sight.  Later : the air was rent with a great  explosion. (I still have a copy of the interview.)  It was perhaps at the moment of the great under-water explosion that the Titanic broke in half.  But it certainly didn't before sliding under the waves. Peter Stap If anyone wishes to contact me : [email protected]