What do you all do for a living?

Jan 7, 2002
Titanic buffs come from all walks of life, in all shapes, sizes colors, molecular density, etc.

If i may be so bold, what do you all do for a living?

Im a professional historian of sorts, having worked as a historian at Titanic exhibits, The salem witch musuem, whale watches, historic harbor tours etc...

Though oddly i made most of my money from Ebay sales...

currently Im on holiday in Australia....

what do you all do?

Tarn Stephanos
Jan 5, 2001
I don't have a living yet other than some publishing income -- but no doubt I'll find an occupation before I am twenty-seven.


Jun 4, 2000
This thread is better placed in the one of the non-Titanic forums such as 'Introduce Yourself'. That forum has the advantage of being 'members only' too.

Nice idea though, for those who are interested in sharing a bit more about themselves.

And Tarn, knowing the sort of wage mates in the history/museum curation lark can earn on a subsistance contract, lurching from exhibition to exhibition, sadly I'm not at all surprised you've earned more through eBay! It could be worse though, they could be writers...
Mar 28, 2002
I've been a Buyer for a company which manufactures air conditioning, air handling units and chillers for eight years. It's dull and thankless but pays the bills (barely).

Ideally, I'd like to run my own art business and am qualified on paper to do so. But I have to get off my arse and make it happen. It will happen.

In the meantime, I'm hoping to become a paramedic. I know these three jobs are all completely poles apart from each other but this is reflective of me - my head is still all over the place at 30. I still feel like a kid, probably living the life I missed out on when I was younger.



Pat Cook

Apr 26, 2000
Fi wrote: "It could be worse though, they could be writers... "

NOW she tells me!

I've been a playwright for a crowd of years now, having made a living, prior to this, by selling pianos, playing piano in joints, building scenery for a local theatre group, writing greeting cards and local educational radio.

Best regards,
Mar 10, 1998
Well, let's see. I get up late. Lollygag around a little. Do some putzing around. Stop at Burger King for a croissandwich, take the dog for a walk, have lunch somewhere, come back home and read USA today, maybe take a nap, maybe make a run to the post office, take the dog for another walk, watch CNN some, maybe do a little Titanic passenger research, check out the ET message board several times, have dinner, watch TV for awhile, lately have been driving around some at night looking at Christmas decorations. None of it pays much but there's no stress involved :)--

Aug 29, 2000
Sounds great to me Phil! Sure beats putting on a corset, swinging a hatchet and trying to scare the pants off the guests at the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast in Fall River! By day of course the mild-mannered ex-English- teacher- turned church secretary takes over.Ah, we are a diverse lot are we not?
Nov 9, 2002
I heard corsets hurt a bit. Well for me I am a freshman in High School and Im not at school right now because my power went out from an ice storm. My perfect attendance record will be ruined unless I get to school sometime today! All the money I make is from shoveling driveway :/ so fun! Well you all have a Titaniriffac day!


Brian Hawley

I do tech support for Wachoiva bank, I work from noon to 9 PM so I get tons of time to read and check out ET at least once a day. I am also currently in college part time. I like to think of myself as a historically influenced playboy. : )


Paul Rogers

Jun 1, 2000
West Sussex, UK
I am a technical training consultant for the financial planning arm of a UK bank. Hence an anorak (geek) at work and in my spare time.

Joined a bank at 18 to earn some money whilst deciding what I really wanted to do in life. Haven't decided yet!
Mar 20, 2000
Well, I don't have gentleman Phil's pampered and leisurely existence or thespian Cook's entertainment-world credentials and have not lately swung an axe a la Mme. Shelley, but I manage somehow to eek out an apology for a living here in the literary wasteland of North Texas, contributing freelance news articles and feature stories to newspapers in the Dallas area. I am on a bit of a break from full-time reporting to proof chapters of my embryonic "Lucile" for a publisher who's interested in giving birth. Meantime, to get by I have sold stories about an all-girl Christmas rodeo and a 97 year old Jewish Santa!

I do also have a story in the works about a bunch of Titaniacs descending on an unsuspecting small Texas town, not far from my l'il ole ponderosa. They are a motley but impressive brood culled from the ET clan - some of the fiercest minds among us, a real First Class passenger list, except for one attendee - moi - who is lucky to be freeloading from steerage
Nov 23, 1996
Ocean Liner Memorabilia Addict

I need to join the Ebay Addict support group - Dave,Jeff were are you? :>) Were is the withdrawal, empty wallet support group?

However, I will be the first to give up Phil's life of leisure to get a really good peice of memorabilia for the collection so to say.

Seriously - I am a Senior Financial Analyst for United Technologies - Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (Blackhawk Helicopters)

For the old timers Brian, Dave, et. al this means my supply of free cigars is running really low. :>) (Formerly Tax accountant for General Cigar Co.)
Jan 31, 2001
My "job" is attending high school where I'm a Junior. I make a little scratch by doing odd jobs for my parents and other people, and I was "hired" to design a few personal homepages for my friends, but that never really amounted to anything. This summer I'm off to the nearest Roses department store to hopefully become a stockboy. When I'm an adult I plan on becoming a radiologist.

John Meeks

"9 to 5" I am a construction/civil engineering design technician ("dropped-out" in the glorious 'sixties and never qualified as an engineer - a lesson to all you younger folks! Stay at your studies!) Have also worked as a planning engineer, developer and in construction equipment sales.

Also make the occasional buck or two with graphic artwork and painting (which is what I really wanted to do in the first place! - another lesson - don't always listen to your parents...chase a dream now and then..!)

Almost ready to retire - but don't think I can afford to. Dammit!


John M

John Hemmert

Oct 16, 2002
Hi all!

Heh! John, I have to agree with you regarding staying at studies! I dropped out of engineering school back in the 70's.
Not doing too bad though. Presently I am employed as a "microphotographer". I pattern integrated circuits at ST Microelectronics in the D/FW area of Texas. As "side" jobs, I sell books, and nautical/military antiques on eBay. (It helps to cover the costs of my WSL collecting & research.)

Best regards!
John Hemmert.
Mar 10, 1998
Since your in the Dallas area, why don't you join the bunch of us for a Titanic visit in Corsicana on Saturday, around noon at the Wicklow Inn B&B? Just people like me, Cook, Randy Bigham, Eric Sauder--(the normal strata of limestone!).


John Hemmert

Oct 16, 2002
Hi Phil!

I just got done emailing Pat Cook regarding the gathering. Sadly, my wife and I have some company coming, and I cannot "bow out"... (If I tried, I'd get strangled. She's been wanting to see our friends Guy & Edith for quite some time now.)
I DO plan to attend the next one though. (Hopefully it won't be a full year away!) I know exactly where Corsicana is, and it's not a long drive at all. Drat! I wish I could come.

Many thanks for the invite though! I shall definitely make it to the next one!

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