What do you all do for a living?

John Hemmert

Oct 16, 2002
Hi Phil!

It's a miracle! My wife is a Goddess! I was just chatting with her about the gathering, and she mentioned Guy & Edith were mainly coming to visit her, regarding her art & writing! Then she asked me if I would like to attend the Corsicana meeting! Looks like I WILL make it!
Where in Corsicana is the Wicklow Inn B&B?

Best regards!

Jason D. Tiller

Aug 20, 2000
Niagara Falls, Ontario
I work for the city as a Security/Receptionist Officer. I get to check ET quite often and read a lot of the posts throughout the day.

Best regards,

Nov 2, 2000
Another vote here for Phillip Gowan having the best job

As for me, I am a Meteorologist/Lead Forecaster at the National Weather Service Office in Indianapolis, In. I was always interested in severe weather, but after working 10 years and various severe weather events, I am starting to favor uneventful weather when on shift

Michael Koch

Leona Nolan

Dec 17, 2002
HI everyone!!! This is my very first post as a member!! I'm a Civil Servant in Ireland (could my life get any more exciting)!! Really interested in the Titanic and her sister ships but no way near an expert but hopefully this site will help!!! Look forward to getting to know you all

Beth Barber

Jun 7, 2001
Hi All! I work for the US Army Corps of Engineers as a Civil Engineering Technician. I have been with the government for 15 years. The department I work in is the Hydraulics, Hydrology and FloodPlain Management Branch. Most of the work I do is for the Flood Plain Management team. I do a variety of things. I use a computer aided drawing program to generate maps and such. Also do some surveying, monitor salinity gages for South Carolina (along Santee Cooper and the US Geological Survey), respond to all Flood Hazard Evaluation Requests, plus lots of other stuff the Engineers need help with. (other duties as assigned!)

Beth Barber

Walter Karmazyn

I work for the University of California, Berkeley campus, with the job title "Scene Technician", which is university-speak for stagehand. We do between 1-3 different shows a week for about 8 months out of the year, no set hours, no set days, no set paychecks…On the brighter side, we're always doing something different;-). Years back, stage work was a common job for sailors not at sea and a bit of those days carried over to the present. For instance, we are referred to as "hands", the lot of us running a show or working a venue is a "crew" and what most call a stage, we refer to as the "deck."


Tracy Smith

Nov 5, 2000
South Carolina USA
I echo the statements of those above who urged the young people here to STAY IN SCHOOL!!!! I'd like to go back 25 years in time and kick my own butt around the block for not finishing college.

I was in law enforcement for eight years, but now I work for a major supplier of vitamins and nutritional products. On my own time I write, both fiction and nonfiction.

And, of course, I am a "mouse potato", in that I love surfing the net.
Oct 17, 2002
Some times I wonder how I got to where I am. It seems so far off from where I started. Though I was a good student, certain mathematical principles were lost on me. Ironically, I know make my living through math. I am a financial analyst making my living constructing financial models.

Kelly Beth Vogelsong

I'm a Systems Analyst for Rite Aid Corporation. Based in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania but servicing all stores in the United States and resolving their hardware/software issues via the phone/computer.

Would rather be a poet and I'm working on it...but it's a long ways away...complete with heaps of rejection.



Don Tweed

May 5, 2002
I am an Operations Mngr. in a furniture whse. for a chain of Oregon retail stores.
Been doing it for alot of years and has become a no-brainer so to speak, which, I like because it frees my mind to explore other things.
I also like to write short Sci-Fi stories and a little poetry.
Visiting the Oregon coast is my real getaway!!!
The wife and I escape there often.
The wreck of the Peter Iredale lies at Ft. Stevens' State Park and of course we now have the New Carrisa off of Coos Bay.
Listen to music of any kind any chance I get!!!
Best reguards, Don
Aug 15, 2005
Darwen, United Kingdom
I'm a self employed Jack-of-all-trades.

You need an eight foot fence in your garden? Call me.
Tile your bathroom? Not a problem.
Plaster your living room? It's done.

Put in a gas fire.... are you bloody joking!?

John Clifford

Mar 30, 1997
I'm a Tax Compliance Officer for the United States Treasury (aka IRS Tax Auditor).

It's a paycheck, so I can get the chance to travel when I can and where I can, including to many of the places in Titanic's story.

BTW, people like the old Ken Marschall calendar prints in my cubicle; many also love the copy of George Lucas' "To Jim: Congratulations" ad that appeared in the Hollywood Reporter in March 1998.

Donna Grizzle

Right now I am a manager of The UPS Store where I have been working for the last 6 years. I unfortunately did not go to college after I graduated high school but I am planning on doing so within the next year. I will be moving from New Jersey to Virginia, to be closer to my family, this coming March and hope to begin my studies soon thereafter. What I'm looking to do is go to culinary school to be a pastry chef, and also take some business classes as I would like to start my own business, ideally my own bakery, but perhaps maybe a mail-order cookie business also.

I am also strongly considering working on a cruise ship as a pastry chef, ideally Cunard. I guess I should concentrate on getting my degree first, eh?

João Carlos Pereira Martins

Oh, I can see, Donna. The London Times headline: "QE2 sinks in the Norwegian Sea during a cruise trip. Donna Grizzle, the chief baker, was the heroine of the night. Completely drunk, she helped filling the boats with passengers and she was pulled from the freezing water almost dead with a child in her arms. She promised to give exclusive interviews and she's the new world's celebrity." (joking, of course).

Best regards, João

Donna Grizzle

Yep Joao...that's exactly how it would read, save for the last part maybe. You better believe I'd be one of the first into the boats!

João Carlos Pereira Martins

Donna,if you are interested in a culinary course, specially confectionery, you should come to Portugal one day in the future. My mother has a pastry recipe with 500 years of history and it has been passing to the family's women generation after generation and neither I or the other males know it. We have some of the oldest conventual sweets. Some time ago I visited a convent near Coimbra and I got the opportunity to taste these sweets. The nun explained me that it had a secret to be made since the 12th century and it is really top secret!

Best for your, João

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