What does your family think of your Titanic obsession

Feb 23, 2006
Well, I just got into Titanic, but I've always been fascinated by famous disasters or things that DIDN'T turn out right. When I start spouting off Titanic facts, they say I'm too morbid and to shut up cause I'll make them depressed/

João Carlos Pereira Martins

I must be the last people with Titanic interests here in Portugal! My mother has a slight idea of my book and none of my friends either my father know about my obsession (I say it with proud)! And if they knew, they wouldn't care. In 2004 I went to Lisbon for a weeks and I got the opportunity to see QM2 in the docks, but I didn't say anything to my parents. Although, I insisted with them to accompany me to the Titanic's Exhibition, where was a collection of Titanic's paintings and draws and other stuff. I keep the "boarding" photograph under my pillow.

My brother wanted me to speak to him about Titanic every night, and when I asked why, he said me the Titanic history gave him sleep. You may believe that I kicked him right in the head!

Last week, the pipings of my bathroom almost exploded and water started pouring in the floor. I woke up and got out of my bedroom,and when I saw the water my first reaction was "To the lifeboats!". My mother was throwing blankets to the water while my father was calling the plumber. An then my mother said to my father: "We must do something. I won't stay calm and quite watching the Titanic going under the water!". I started laughing!

As you can see there isn't the minimum interest in Titanic in this damned country, however, I like this ship since the 1996 Christmas Eve but more intensivly since the release of Cameron's film.

The last years have been amazing, I get registred in ET and I bought lots of books and films, which helped me a lot. Ah, when my lessons get boring I only think in Titanic and how fantastic would be to stay in the Keldysh or 4000 meters deep, exploring the most famous ocean liner in the world!

Regards, João

João Carlos Pereira Martins

Hi Marilyn!

My brother is a good student. He's attending university to become an electronic engineer, but he doesn't care about domestic life. If the pipings bursted again, he would simply stay in bed and wait the water to flood his bedroom and refresh his body (it is 40º centigrade in my city, Portugal is very hot during the summer!!! so a bit of fresh water would be welcome)

Regarding my mother's humour, it's an usual comparison here in Portugal. We hear it frequently, even in the soap operas!

Best regards, João
Mar 17, 2010
>I must be the last people with Titanic interests here in Portugal!<

To be honest, I know how you feel! I think I'm the only person in Hong Kong who is obsessed with the Titanic. Thankfully I'm moving back to England, so I can (perhaps) join the BTS and meet other Titanic enthusiasts

My parents tolerate (please note - I wrote 'tolerate' '-) ) it, but I can tell that they are VERY bored of my bringing it up all the time, especially during 'family-time'. However, having said that, they do get me books and other Titanic items, and my father has even agreed to get me models of the Titanic, Olympic and the Carpathia, so I'm definitely looking forward to getting those! Yay!!


João Carlos Pereira Martins

Yes Carla, it's exactly how I feel! It must be amazing living in UK or Canada, you can everything about Titanic. I've discovered that FNAC (the most important book store in Portugal and other countries) has A Night to Remember translated to Portuguese I'm going to buy Titanic An Illustrated History in English, because it's not a problem (yes I hadn't bought that book yet!)

P.S. Carla I answered your questions about Portugal in my personal thread. You can check it!

Best, JC
Dec 31, 2000
Pinson, AL
My family, with the exception of my twin sister Stephanie, just don't get it. And my husband admitted last night that he's never read my paper that was posted to ET Research. :D

Mandy Clancey

May 12, 2006
My husband's not impressed with my interest in ships. He prefers planes. However, my daughters are right into Titanic. They've seen the movie, they've looked at books, they actually know an amazing amount about it for kids. (They are only 5 and 2). I get the strangest looks from other people when the girls talk about Titanic, but I'm so proud of them.
Apr 11, 2001
Our husbands should get together Mandy. Mine (a old crusty retired Navy Captain) is a WWII buff and spends hours building WWII warplanes which he hangs from the ceiling of MY boatroom. The only reason I keep him around is that he will from time to time build me a liner model!
Sep 8, 2006
My parents do think I'm crazy to a degree. Everyone around me thinks that way to one way or another. But recently they've grown an odd interest in the history that has utterly condemned me.
My mother being one most of all. And it excites me beyond belief to share this knowledge with people. I adore the attention they give me when I share with them. Still I do have my skeptics.

Elissa Wendorf

Let me first start by saying I am a "long time reader, first time poster". I just joined the board this week after being an avid reader since I was about 8 years old.

My reason for posting is to ask a question of all of you. Do any of you ever feel as if the fascination we all share is misunderstood by family and friends? I feel it is on my end, but what do you all think?
Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>Do any of you ever feel as if the fascination we all share is misunderstood by family and friends? <<

It probably is. I wouldn't worry about it. Not everybody has an interest in the same things. My mum for example has an interest in certain arts and crafts which I don't quite get, but it makes her happy and that's all the justification required.

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Feb 14, 2011
This sounds selfish, but if I ever have kids- i pray one of them turns into a Titanic buff.....

What better way for a parent and child to bond than to share an interest in the Titanic?

Any parents out there who have a child that shares your passion for Titanic?
Feb 14, 2011
Isn't it wonderful to be able to come here to this site and share with others who are just as crazy as you/we are?"

The great thing about ET is you all understand what it's like to have held a fascination with the Titanic since childhood..
This year marks my 30th year as a full fledged Titanic buff (I was bitten by the Titanic bug in 1978 at the age of 10) - and there are scores of others here who have been buffs longer than me...
I feel I'm among kindred spirits here...

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