What ever happened to

could you tell me what ever happened to the following Titanic crewmen?Fredrick Barret,samual collins,Reginald Lee,Henry Baily,Jack Foley and Percival Blake.theiy must have died some time before 1983 when Sydney Daniels the last surviving Titanic crewman died(its what i read in Titanic A Journey Through Time).
Hi James, you might try going into the crew biographies which can be accessed on the index page. Don't be too surprised if some of them are incomplete. Researchers try their best, but some of the people...a lot of them in fact...led pretty ordinary and obscure lives, and some never made it off the ship alive. Frederick Barret for example died in the sinking.

Michael H. Standart
Uh, Mike, if your "Barret" is the same leading fireman "Frederick Barrett," he wasn't lost in the sinking. He was deposed a month later on board the Olympic in New York Harbor.
all the men i put on there are survivors.here it is again with some others.
Fred Barratt-leading fireman
Samual Collins-fireman
Reginald Lee-lookout
Henry Baily-master-at-arms
Jack Foley-deck storekeeper
Percival Blake-coal trimmer
John Hardy-2ndc Chief steward
T Granger-greaser
Charles Hendrickson leading fireman
Abert Haines-bosuns-mate
* Harder-window cleaner
*forgot his first name.

Trevor Morris Gillham

Where can researchers find memorials for the crew of the Titanic?

tammy campbell

does anyone know what happened to jack foley he was my great great uncle.. until computers,the family thought he died on the titanic.. this has bugged me since I found out he didnt any info is appriciated
Jack Foley seems to be a man of mystery. There's no photo on this site, which suggests that they are pretty rare. He's not in the familiar books, such as Titanic Voices.

I notice that he joined in Belfast, so maybe he lived there. Try the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum.
Though he was living in Southampton in 1912, Jack Foley was indeed an Irishman (from Youghal in County Cork) and he has an entry in Senan Molony's The Irish aboard Titanic. No pic, unfortunately. Neither does the book shed any light on what happened to him after Titanic.

Though not 100% sure, Senan believes that Jack had worked as a blacksmith in Youghal, and that at the time of the 1901 census he had a wife Ellen and four children - Marianne, Bridget, Albina and Thomas.