What future do you want for the wreck of the Titanic

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Jan 7, 2002
I'd love you read all of your opinions on this subject- What future would you like to see for the Titanic wreck?

Would you be in favor of numerous expeditions in the future, to film her inside and out, with the superb deatil and attention as exercised in the last Cameron expedition?

Would you prefer expeditions to focus on exploring the interior, or recovering the artifacts, or both?

Or do you feel visits to the wreck should cease, and Titanic should be left alone?

How about tourist dives? Should the public be able to visit the wreck via a sub if they have the $ to spend, or should only the experts be allowed to visit the wreck?

I for one hope there to be DOZENS of future expeditions with the same objective as the last Cameron expedition, where the interior is filmed throughtout, and the findings shared with the Titanic community. I think more than enough has been recovered as far as artifacts go, and Im all in favor of public dives for the wreck, so long as its done carefully. I think the wreck should be treated as an undersea memorial, though with exploration permitted, and public visits, so Titanic buffs can visit, pay respects, then leave.

What do you think?


Tarn Stephanos
Jan 31, 2001
I would like to see more expeditions like those conducted by James Cameron in the future. From what I have read, we have gathered a lot of knew knowledge from those dives conducted last year, and that just goes to show that the entire story of the wreck has not fully been told yet.

I have no problem with tourist dives; we would all love to see the wreck for ourselves. I think they are fine as long as they do not disturb anything.

As for artifacts, they seem to lose a certain mystical appeal once they are brought to the surface. However, on the flip side, they bring us closer to the people who experienced the event. Still, I would rather see them remain untouched.
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