What Happened to Caronia


Matthew R. Boswell

I was a bit perplexed when I saw the name "Caronia" (formerly Vistafjord) was removed from Cunard brochres after mid-2004. Why? Caronia has been on the website-but when I went to it today, they had removed Caronia. Have they gotten rid of it to make room for Queen Victoria? Has it been scrapped? What happened to it?
Caronia was sold to Saga Cruise Lines last year to make room for Queen Victoria, which was supposed to make it's debut next year, but she ended up being transferred to P&O this past April.

According to Cunard's website, they were supposed to be operating her up until this month. Once Saga takes control of her, (if they haven't already) she will be renamed Saga Ruby and will undergo an extensive refit and refurbishment that will cost 17 million pounds. She is scheduled to make her inaugural cruise next March.

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Are there any updated info or photos of the Ex:Corina's Refurbishment?

Sorry if this doesn't have to do with Caronia, but I haven't been on Cunard's website for a while and I just heard about the Queen Victoria reading this thread. Does anyone have some information on it?

Thanks for any help.

-Adam Lang

Queen Victoria was to be based on a Vista Class ship and was supposed to enter service this year. But it was earlier decided that Cunard needed something more ocean-liner like and the old QV is going to P&O as "Arcadia." Cunard will get QV around December 2007, and it is thought that she will replace QE2 on the World Cruises and things of the sort.

Hope that helped
In addition to the Athena (ex-Stockholm}, the Saga Ruby (ex-Caronia) was also in port in Bergen, Norway, on 2nd May. As soon as my laptop is up and running I'll post pics of both.


Here we go then. Taken at misty Begen, Norway, 2 weeks ago.

Unfortunately, I'm also in there, lighting up.


A pic of Caronia / Ruby as we were leaving port.


A pic of the Athena and Ruby "together"