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Its been a LONG time since Ive posted but here we go. What do you all think happened to Ruth after the sinking. All her money was gone! Do you think she lived off of friends, sold her furniture etc., became a seamstress? I wonder if she and Cal talked to one another after that night. Please tell me what you think! Thanks!
I asked that, too, but the only response I got was that she became a seamstress, as she feared she would, although that is just conjecture. I'd be interested in getting an inside tip as to what happened. I also thought that her fate was suspended because she might have been scheduled to appear as Ruth again in what I heard would be Titanic 2, which, according to hearsay, was expected to take place aboard the Britannic. Still, your guess is as good as mine.
Neat idea, Sahand. Several possibilities come to mind. I could see her becoming a seamstress, or taking on a similar minimum-wage occupation.

I could also see Cal helping her out financially sometime right after the sinking, as she lost so much when the ship went down (including, in their minds at least, her daughter Rose). This in turn would mean they did continue to communicate, at least for a time. I could then see Cal dropping out of her life entirely by mid-1913, if not earlier. Ruth would attempt to ration the money she'd been given by him, and would have to take on a minimum-wage job (probably as a seamstress) in order to help make ends meet.

Least likely of all, I could see Ruth herself marrying a wealthy man and continuing to live high on the hog.

Just some thoughts.
>>I could also see Cal helping her out financially sometime right after the sinking, as she lost so much when the ship went down (including, in their minds at least, her daughter Rose).<<

Would he, considering his character and since he had already lost his fiancee why help?
I always thought that when she arrived in America that Ruth DeWitt Bukater would file a massive lawsuit against the White Star Line claiming atleast a million dollars for loss of property and Rose.
I can't see Cal helping Ruth at all. There was nothing in it for him. Besides, she had probably become a blathering nuisance of self-pity for losing her meal-ticket...er, I mean daughter. No doubt they had to put her away in an institution. She had lost everything anyway, including her mind.

I think that Ruth lived quite a wealthy life after the sinking. I bet she made a little fortune out of claiming insurance for loss of missing goods, physical suffering etc... But who knows... and THANK GOD that there will not be a "Titanic 2"!!
>>and THANK GOD that there will not be a "Titanic 2"!!<<


I just said that I remembered having read this somewhere before, I never said it was true.

By the way, do you have some evidence to confirm this? I would surely like to read it. Thanks.

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Does anyone have any ideas about what happened to Ruth after Titanic? Wondering if she ever knew that Rose survived the disaster and did she manage to remain in high society? By the way, has anyone ever read the book "Ruth`s crossing"? it is a good read but one mistake, Molly Brown is mentioned to be alive in 1955 but in reality she died in 1932!!
You do know that Ruth DeWitt Bukater is a fictional depiction of the classic stereotype of an Edwardian woman, don't you? She never actually existed, and if there are novels about this certain person, they are fictional, too. Rose is also fictional. Anyway, just thought you ought to know.
I didn't say that you had to believe that the characters were real. I was just making sure Martin knew. He seemed kind of serious. Here, this will show that I can have fun with fictional characters.

Ruth DeWitt Bukater survived the Titanic. She went on to marry "new money." She ended up living her life as she wanted to. She never forgot her daughter that "died" on the Titanic and viewed poorer people in a new light. She joined Molly in all her endeavors, and she helped the families of the victims. She died in 1943, in the midst of the Second World War, a well-known and well-loved person.

How's that, Bob?
. I didn't result to the cliched ending, as many think Ruth ended up as a seamstress. See?! I can have fun speculating about Ruth's future.
In view of Ben Lemmon's account of Ruth, I don't think she would have been all that upset about Cal's demise in 1929. :)

I've written about Rose in another previous thread. See "Grand Daughter Lizzy."

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So, I know that this is a fictional story. Stupid in parts. But I am fascinated by the story of Rose's mother. She's obviously a woman with her back up against the wall, whoring her daughter out to pay off bad debts. That's a more interesting story than Jack and Rose's by far.

Whatcha think? Did Cal take care of her? Or did she become the seamstress she was scared of becoming?

Thoughts? Joking and snarky comments aside?
I don't know, I always figured she and Rose eventually made up, and she getting re-married.

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