What happened to the Big Lounge Chandellier

Adam McGuirk

May 19, 2002
Hey if I am not mistaken wasn't the lounge located near the end of breakup??? I'm not for sure if it is in good shape or not but if it is do you all know that if that big light that hung over the lounge. I am sure you all are familiar with it, is still there or did it breakup on the way down. I know tiny chandeliers survived so I was wondering if this big one did.

Dan Cherry

Dec 14, 1999
Hello, Adam,
presently, there is no way to tell whether or not the Electrolier survived the sinking. The fixture was mounted in the ceiling like a recessed light - the housing for it is the raised box-like platform the compass tower was hooked to. The fixture has not been found in the debris field, but it doesn't mean it was wrenched from the lounge as the ship broke up and sank. Wall sconces, stained glass windows and the fireplace statue, all from the lounge, were found in the debris field. Since it hasn't been found outside the wreck, and the decks are compressed at this point on the ship, it's anyone's guess as to its present location or condition.
Jan 7, 2002
The break occoured just on the aft border of the lounge- its possible large stretches of paneling from the Lounge were wrenched loose- that might account for why wood from the FORWARD part of the lounge was later recovered. The enormous piece that once hung above the forward entereance of the lounge (Now at the Museum of Atlantic) was somehow disloged during the sinking. I could see the entire width and breath of the ceiling paneling detaching during the break up, and floating out of the broken end of the ship, and the lounge chandelier going with it. Whatever remains in the lounge today will always remain a mystery, as the overhead is collapsed, and everything within the room is crushed flat...

A sad demise for was was once the most opulant room onboard Titanic.


Tarn Stephanos