What happened to the boatswain mate after he opened the D Deck door?


Ok, for this month the question is, what do you think happened to the boatswain mate after he opened the D Deck door.
Yeah, I thought July had only just begun!

BTW, this doesn't seem like the kind of question to ask for a Topic of the Month. If I ever made a suggestion, it would be:
I read once that the US Inquiry was initially set up by politicians, looking for who was responsible. They had to point a finger. If we had to point a finger to somebody for being responsible for the sinking, who would we point at?
Oh yeah, and about your question.
Albert Haines, boatswain mate, survived. He told his story on Day 7 of the US Inquiry. Just read it and hope you find the answer to your question.

Adam Went

I'm glad that the idea has been cottoned on to, but I'd like to think that topic of the month questions might be a little more open ended than that. Thanks Christophe.

I read on titanichg.com that the boatswain mate was the one who presumably died below decks after opening a door on D Deck. But the boatswain mate survived in lifeboat 9. Why is it still common believe that the boatswain MATE opened those doors and died?