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What Happened to the Forward Engines?

Discussion in 'Collision / Sinking Theories' started by Aaron_2016, May 29, 2017.

  1. Aaron_2016

    Aaron_2016 Member

    I understand the forward engines fell out of the ship when she broke in two. Do we know where the engines are on the sea floor?


    It appears they ripped out the keel underneath them. Were they bolted to the keel or simply held in place by their weight? Is it possible that water rushed into the compartment and the weight of water caused the heavy engines to smash straight threw the floor plates and break the ship in two? Is it possible that the heavy list to port caused the forward engines to rip up the keel underneath them and smash over to port, crashing threw the hull on the port side and breaking the ship in two?



  2. coal eater

    coal eater Member

    very interessing,do we have more other titanic engine remains pictures? especially the broken off pieces and other engine-related debris?

    what happened to boiler room 1 and boiler room 2?
  3. Yes there are images from them in the debris field.

    Not sure what you mean with the question. Boiler Room No. 2 is at the break area of the bow, all 5 double ended boilers are still in place.
    The 5 single ended boilers of Boiler Room No. 1 are in the debris field all close to the stern.
  4. coal eater

    coal eater Member

    where can find if posible all engine debris images? im curious about missing cylinders and crankshaft
  5. In different books and documentaries. Try "The Discovery of the Titanic" or "Titanic at 100" and others.
  6. Aaron_2016

    Aaron_2016 Member

    Engine room machinery resting on the sea floor. A low pressure engine cylinder.


    It is unknown if this fell out when she broke, or crashed through the side when she listed heavily to port.

    Survivor Percy Keen said: "It appeared to us that when the ship listed heavily to port the engines fell out and crashed through the side. The second funnel broke off, and killed a number of people in its fall."


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  7. It is known it came loose when the double bottom below was torn off.
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  8. coal eater

    coal eater Member

    how many cylinders were found in debris field? any crankshaft pieces were found? what about engine telegraph did they find it or it was integral part of engine column and it still there?

    fate of turbine room and dynamo room?

    what about steering machinery?]

    one side of stern is ripped open and not all decks are collapsed it appears that turbine room is collapsed,thats why exploration of said room was aborted? (we know they tried to do enter throught engine room WTD but they found only wall of rust ndicating the WTD closed., do we have the photo of wall of rust in ER to TR ? and what about wall of rust on BR2 to br3 ?
  9. Jane Smith

    Jane Smith Member

    The steering machine, which was on C Deck behind the 3rd class rooms, was destroyed.

    Only the 2 forward cylinders on both engines ended up in the debris field near the stern. I’m not entirely sure about the engine telegraph or the crankshaft pieces.

    I think the turbine engine was destroyed when the water burst in that compartment.
    I’m probably not the right person for this but I don’t think there is a photo of the walls of rust in the turbine room or BR3.

    I know there are pictures of the reciprocating engines, BR1 boilers and BR 2 boilers. I don’t think there is a picture of the turbine engine in the wreck