What happened to the passengers during the sinking


Holly Hewlett

This is probably a really stupid question, but what exactly happened to the passengers when they realised the ship would sink? How many died, and what happened to them once they were in the water/lifeboats?
I will be really grateful to anyone who can answer some of these questions for me.
Thank you.

Holly Hewlett

ok thanks very much.
Do you or anyone else know of any particular stories aboard the Britannic? love stories etc because they would be interesting to use in my project.
thanks, Holly.

Ernie Luck

Nov 24, 2004

There is a book about Violet Jessop, the stewardess who survived both Titanic and Britannic sinkings. She relates her account of being on board Britannic and what transpired from her point of view. She was one of those thrown out of the lifeboat and very lucky to survive.

You should be able to find this book from an on-line bookstore or possibly borrow it from a library. The author was Maxwell-Graham who wrote the account from Violet's manuscript. I think you would find it very absorbing.

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