What happened to the Titanic lifeboats?

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I have just opened this topic. As part of our Shipwright apprenticeship in the 1960s we were put into pairs to build 14-foot clinker dinghies using Honduras mahogany; Canadian elm; etc. These were varnished inside and out (TITANIC's were painted outside and probably varnished inside) and the paint would have sealed any unlikely gaps. The only way for a boat to leak would have been through the cracking of both inner and outer layers. The lifeboats on the LAKONIA (ex JOHAN van OLDENBARNEVELT) had been painted so often that apparently they were stuck to the davits! Our apprenticeship boats were built upside down with planking laid over formers and the ribs fitted after the main hull had been completed. Planking and ribs were placed in a steamer to give the wood pliancy.
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This is all very interesting. I remember a survivor of some shipwreck talked about water in the bottom of the boat because the joints hadn't expanded... Or something like that... I wish I could remember who said it and what ship! Ah... the Lakonia... That was a tragedy.
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The lifeboats were painted inside and out, as can be seen in photos. At least one leaked.

I find it interesting that two abandoned collapsibles were found, well after the sinking, but the three lifeboats abandoned by Carpathia were never seen again, in spite of being fitted with buoyancy tanks.

The painting story is no joke. Years ago, in Port Adelaide, inspectors ordered a ship's crew to demonstrate they knew how to lower a lifeboat. The boat was smartly hoisted from the chocks, leaving a good deal of its bottom behind.
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Hello Esther. I have a 1978 edition of Walter Lord's book, 'A Night To Remember' and on page 181 there's a photo of Titanic's remaining lifeboats in New York. The caption reads, "Thirteen Titanic lifeboats were brought back to New York by the Carpathia. Men were quickly put to work removing the Titanic's name-plate from each boat".

It seems likely that the boats were later given to other ships and were simply forgotten about.


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Thank you for the response. Do you know where they were kept in New York? Did the White Star Line simply put them in storage? Perhaps they thought it would be bad luck or bad publicity to put them back into service. I just assumed they were reused on other ships.
The boats were put on the 2nd floor loft at piers 58 and 59 in New York and remained there until December 1912. They were then used for the Limitations of Liabillity. The value of the boats and its contents were add to the total sum for compensation. [There had been plans to bring the boats back to Southampton in May 1912 but this plans were dropped again.]


Is it possible that one of Titanic's life boats was locked up in a warehouse in some navel yard or some boat yard I'm looking 4 any thing that could lead me to a possible lead to the truth of a mystery I knew a person who survived the titanic and it would be a shame to give up

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14 of Titanic's boats had been recovered and were brought to New York and put on the 2nd floor loft between piers 58 & 59 where they were until the end of December 1912. They were most likely sold and the amount added to the total sum for compensation.
As Eaton&Haas found out there were reports that pieces from boats were put in pubs but nothing had survived.
I believe a few name plates from the boats exist. The number from boat 8 certainly exists, having been pinched by seaman Jone and mounted in wood for presentation to the Countess of Rothes. I've personally seen it.

The disposal of the boats in December 1912 makes sense. In October 1912 a court found White Star's liability was limited by America law to the salvage value of the boats, plus freight moneys for the voyage. White Star was ordered to pay $96,000 into court. Once this was done, the boats could be sold or scrapped. I rather think they were scrapped after drying out right through a New York summer. Clinker built boats are like that. One or two were already leaking when Titanic sank.



Does anyone know
Hi Brandon,

I've seen that photo on page 118 of "Titanic, Journey Through Time" by Eaton & Haas. All I can tell you is that collapsible A was not cast adrift, but instead taken back to new york and placed in pier 58/59's loft in New York along with the other remaining Titanic lifebaots. I'm uncertain as to what became of A afterwards, but I'd be surprised if it was put to any further use(except maybe firewood


I was woundering if they were put in a loft at pier 58/9 with other Titanic artifacts is it possible one or two r still there