What happened to them after the sinking

Mar 23, 2009
I was wondering whether we have any information on what the stewardesses did after the sinking. I know so far about Violet Jessop, but not so much about all the others -as most of them wanted to go back to normal life I bet it explains why!
If anyone knows if they carried on or not being a stewardess and if their life had any link with their Titanic experience afterwards, that'd be very helpful

Have a nice day!

Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
Evelyn Marsden left the sea. She married a ship's doctor and moved to Australia. She lived in South Australia and New South Wales. She died in 1938 and was buried in Waverley Cemetery. In 2000 she was provided with a tombstone by Andrew Rogers, an occasional contributor to this forum.

I have a good deal about my fellow South Australian.
Jun 7, 2009
Mrs Roberts was back at sea just six weeks after the Titanic's loss, this time aboard the RMS Majestic which she served on for the remainder of 1912. In 1914, she was engaged on yet another of Harland & Wolff's vessel's the SS Rohilla. This ship was also a total loss after running onto Whitby Rock, Yorkshire. She was rescued on the lifeboats first run to the wrecked ship. She described the Rohilla worse than her Titanic experience.
One would have expected her to choose another career path but she did go back to sea serving finally on the SS Rajputan in 1929.

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