What happened when the E Deck Elevator Lobby in First Class flooded?


May 30, 1999
Hi , I just wanted to know what happened when the First Class Elevators on E Deck were flooding, and was the water flooding the grand staircase area on that deck , did it come from Scotland Road, or the F Deck level of the staircase? I was just wondering.

Charles Dowling
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Apr 16, 2015
I don't know, perhaps someone with a sophisticated 3D model of the sinking would be able to tell us. Theres no doubt that the water ingress was not even, by that I mean parts of the interior would have been under the sea surface but not flooded yet, some would have flooded from below as the water crept up and some would have flooded from above, i.e. the water may have found an easier way to the deck above and was now running down the stairs to the deck below.

In the case of the elevators, it is possible that they were flooded when the superstructure went under the water letting water into the grand staircase at the B deck level and filling up from there as described above. That far down though I am guessing they were flooded from below by water in Scotland Road.

Jane Smith

Aug 16, 2018
US East Coast
I don’t remember who told me this, but the E Deck elevator lobby flooded due to the water that flowed from the mail room/squash court staircase on the starboard side and Scotland Road wasn’t flooded yet because of the starboard list
The water flowed from the elevator lobby to the E Deck Grand Staircase landing and down the side staircase to F Deck. Titanic took a port list when Scotland Road began flooding

Chung Rex

Dec 25, 2006
By the way, Lusitania was torpedoed and sank in 1915. I recalled that some passengers were trapped in elevators, due to loss of power, and drowned. I wonder if this happened in Titanic. Did the crew stop operating elevators immediately after the collision. If they did not, when the sinking rate is rather slow at around 1:00, some passengers may try using elevator to move to and from their cabin and boat deck for various reasons, at least between A and D deck.

Did the flooding of E deck have and profound effects on operation of the elevator?

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