What if Francis Browne didn't leave the Titanic at Queenstown?

Logan Horning

Dec 4, 2018
I was wondering, if Francis Browne decided not to leave the ship at Queenstown (now Cork), what do you think would have happened to him and his photographs if he was on board during the sinking? Here are some scenarios that I have thought of.

Scenario 1 (Best Outcome): Francis Browne survives the sinking and brings his camera, and takes actual photos of the Titanic going down.
Scenario 2: Browne survives the sinking and brings his camera, but doesn't take any photos of the ship sinking.
Scenario 3: Browne survives the sinking, but doesn't bring his camera, resulting in the photographs being lost.
Scenario 4 (Worst Case): Francis Browne perishes in the sinking, and the photographs of the Titanic are lost forever.
Oct 28, 2000
History does not reveal its alternatives. There is no way of answering "what if" questions as there is no way of proving right from wrong. We can never know.

One thing certain, the film speeds and lenses available in 1912 did not lend themselves to taking night pictures on a sinking ship. Sorry, technology had not come that far.

But, as to "what if" Fr. Browne had been aboard...nobody knows, and nobody can ever now what might have transpired.

-- David G. Brown

Kyle Naber

Oct 5, 2016
I find it unlikely that any pictures of the ship sinking would ever have been taken, let alone any clear result. It's too dark, plus you have more to worry about than snapping a picture.

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