What is THE best book ever written about the White Star Line

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Jan 7, 2002
Any picks for the best book ever written about the White Star Line?

My pick is Roy Anderson's cult classic "White Star".
And for some reason, i regard "The Ismay Line" as a sort of indespensible companion to this book....

I enjoyed the Haas/Eaton "Falling Star" as well. What do you all think?


Tarn Stephanos
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
Well, I don't have any large collection to base anything on, but I do have a copy of the latest edition of Paul Louden-Brown's "THE WHITE STAR LINE AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY 1869-1934"

Pretty good book IMO.

Michael H. Standart
Oct 13, 2000
I also think Anderson's White Star is still the best work on the subject, particularly if you are interested in the history of the line itself. if you are more interested in a history of the line's ships, then I would probably give the nod to Louden-Brown's recent book that Mike S. mentioned. also, if you are really into images, Louden-Brown's is the most spectacular book, hands down.

Falling Star is another favorite, though this one focuses more on accidents and disasters so wouldn't be considered a history, per se.

Oldham's Ismay Line is another must have. not only is it an awesome biography of the two Ismays, Thomas & J. Bruce, but there is a great deal of information about the White Star Line in there as well.

two more books that focus more on the ships of the line that I enjoyed are Duncan Haws' Merchant Fleets: White Star Line, & Phillip Rentell's Historic White Star Liners.

all the best, Michael (TheManInBlack)
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