What is the least damaged part of the Lusitania wreck

Feb 14, 2011
I suspect like the Laurentic, the Lusitania wreck was intact one day, but after a storm came, was crushed flat the next day. Based on Ken Marschall's fine painings, the entire wreck seems flattened from stem to stern. Which part of the wreck seems to be the least damaged? Im going to guess the forepeak. She seems like a house of cards thats fallen in on itself..decks are still intact, but no longer connected..Internal exploration seems fruitless on that wreck....

Tarn Stephanos

Omar Khokhar

Aug 27, 2008
As far as I am aware the least damaged part of the wreck of this fine liner is the forecastle deck i.e where the anchor chains and capstans are.

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