What Jack should have done in First Class


Sep 24, 2014
Jack should have accepted Cal's invitation to the smoking room.

Curiosity alone would have been a good reason, however ...

He should have suspected they play card games there, among other things (which they did, in RL and the movie). Don't you think Jack (remember the poker game!) would be a better card player than the rich boys?

He might have won a decent sum of money from them.

Jack Dawson

Hi, this is old so I don't expect any reply, but I do think it is a good question. Myself, I think Cal (and his gentlemen friends) made it clear who was not invited to accompany them; his excuse that they would smoke and discuss business was a backhanded polite way of dis-inviting him. Cal had no interest in talking about him or to him. Remember the backhanded compliment on the staircase? "why you almost pass as one of us", which Cal found amusing. Cal didn't even care, until he saw he was losing control of Rose. When Jack extended his hand as Cal and Ruth came down the staircase Cal took no notice of him whatsoever, and instead rushed off to follow the Countess. I really tend to doubt Cal would smile, pull up a chair and regale Jack with tales of his business prowess in the smoking room while they played a hand together.

Jack was a non-person in Cal's world, until he had the one thing Cal could not buy or take; Rose's heart.

Besides, that was a pretty boring dinner. I'd have been out of that dinner as quickly as I could; way too stuffy. :D The dinner company was boring, with the exception of Mrs. Brown. Spending an hour in the smoking room with Cal would have been an excruciating waste of time. And I don't think Cal was a good loser either..

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