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Brian R Peterson

Hi Nigel,

I have always held the same opinion for the addition of the enclosed A-Deck on Titanic, I never thought it to have been added for the sake of luxury more for convenience it would seem to make the most sense because as you said, the original enclosed B-Deck promenade was reserved for the Promenade Suites.

Are there any photos from the private promenade looking into the First Class entrance vestibule, I know there is at least one known photo taken looking into the Starboard promenade from the First Class entrance vestibule, after seeing the beautiful gates on the gangway doors in GOTA it would be spectacular to see a pre-sinking image of the area

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Hi Brain,

The areas outside the private promenade suites had the appearance similar to the enclosed deck above. With addition of the new bulkhead separating the entrance ways and private decks, Titanic's window and door arrangement (the wall facing the gangways) was slightly altered to allow better ingress for boarding passengers. The original design on Olympic was two single doors and three windows I think (I'm going of memory here) but this was changed on Titanic with two large double doors with a single arch window in between. Daniel Klistorner did a neat illustration of this area using an Olympic photograph and altered it to appear what Titanic's layout would have looked like.

Here is the link, Daniel did a really awesome job!

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