What really matters in the world of Titanica

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Jan 7, 2002
What do all think really matters in the amazing world of Titanic research? Our mutual fascination with Titanic is the thread that binds us all together, despite distance in geography or politics- Titanic serves to bring us together.

This board is fantastic, as scores of Titanic buffs openly share what they know with others.
If only all Titanic buffs were as sharing in person!Most Titanic buffs Ive known are top notch people.
There are only a small number of bad apples in the Titanic community , but they are certainly a minority.

My thanks and praise to everyone who has shared their knowlege with others on this board, and lets keep this tradition going.
Thanks Phil, for creating Encycloedia Titanica.


Tarn Stephanos

H. Katherine

I think, (in my humble opinion) keeping to the truth and facts matters a great deal. As time goes on, we are in danger of losing the facts to the myths and hoaxes that have been consistant throughout Titanic's story. Truth is certainly paramount.
Thats wy we need sites like this!
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