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Chris- You are looking at the Princepessa Mafalda, which was an Italian South American Liner- extremely ornate- lost with HUGE loss of life in what was perhaps the STUPIDEST disaster of the 20th Century. The artist was working from a photograph, but added the upturned lifeboat and exaggerated the angle of the upended lifeboat. The actual photo is quite placid looking and it is difficult to imagine that over 300 passengers were lost. There is a Princepessa Mafalda website which tells the whole sorry tale. In reduced form-she sprang a serious leak, portions of the crew deserted, passengers flew into a knife wielding panic (yes, really) and 'though rescue ships were within spitting (and photographing) distance and the ship took hours to sink, hundreds died in the melee. Her sister ship- or should I be more precise and say her 'near sister but for post launching disaster modifications' was the infamous Princepessa Iolanda which was launched with masts, funnels and superstructure in place and capsized in full view of the crowd- a classic series of photos easily found.
Here is a site with some interior views, as well as photos and artwork of Mafalda showing her original funnel paint scheme. At the time of the disaster she sported the NGI funnel bands.


I am still looking for the site on which the photos of Mafalda sinking can be viewed.
Trouble is, 'Principessa Mafalda' yields a huge number of hits, and none of them sound vaguely familiar.

I believe that the actual Princess Mafalda died while in German custody, ca 1943-'44.
PS- I seem to recall helping a Brazilian researcher who was looking for Mafalda information on ET. The good site might be somewhere in our postings.
She was scrapped on the spot, and Mafalda was launched without her funnels, superstructure or propellers installed.

This was in hopes she wouldn't capsize. I was surprised wikipedia didn't have an article for the Mafalda, and the article for the Iolanda is basically just a single sentence.
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