What should Marschall paint next?

What ship should Ken Marschall do a painting of next? I've seen a lot of his pictures and I for one would like to see him do one of the Japanese battleship YAMATO.

Anyone have any other suggestions?
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Brian R Peterson

I would really like to see an in depth book of "Titanic: An Illustrated History" quality done on the Great Eastern, the Titanic of the 19th century. I think seeing Marschall bring her form and interiors to life the way he does with Titanic would be magnificent!

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"My vote" would be for paintings of the SS United States. Even as she is set to be restored by the NCL, any and all images of her previous self would be great.
1.)Perhaps a drawing of the Titanic boiler rooms being flooded, water soaking through the holes in the hull,
2.)or the breakup of the first funnel with collapsible B in the foreground and the raising ship in the background,
3.)the flooding of the First Class Lounge.
I would like to see him paint one of Ballin's Big Three liners (both before and after handing over) or the 'newer' White Star vessels like the Britannic and the Georgic. Maybe he should diversify into Hamburg-America, Norddeutscher-Lloyd, U.S. Line etc.
At the moment, Ken is painting the SS Rotterdam as a private commission.

You might want to consider offering Ken a commission for whatever scene you would like him to paint. Contact information can be found at:


I must remind people that Ken is a commercial artist; in other words, he paints so that he can pay his bills and put food on the table. All of the suggested ideas in this thread sound great, but Ken could never afford to paint them just for fun. Even if he could, it would take away from what spare time he does have, which he does use more than he reasonably should for continued Titanic research. So, if you would really like Ken to paint a specific scene, you might want to consider offering him a commission to do the work. If that sounds too daunting an effort for any one individual (it would be for me), I would suggest that a group of people get together to agree on a scene, pool the group's resources, and then approach Ken with an offer of commission.


Alex McLean

How much would that cost though, Parks? Otherwise, I have carried an image of the forward funnel toppling in my mind for ages now with B in the foreground. I would love to see that, and come to think of it the boiler room scene.
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I can't speak to what Ken would charge to paint any given scene. I would recommend that you ask him your question directly through his Transatlantic Designs website.


Mark Baber

Related to Ken Marschall, but not his paintings:

At the THS 40th anniversary celebration last weekend, Mr. Marschall appeared on Sunday with an stunning slide presentation of computer-enhanced wreck images derived from the taping done for Ghosts of the Abyss. He said that many of these images had not been displayed before and that there's an upcoming three-part article in the Commutator based on these and other such images. Absolutely wonderful stuff.
I would like to see Ken do one of Olympic in her wartime dazzle camouflage (the first scheme is the more attractive one I think). That would be some sight!
I'd also love to see a painting of the Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse or the Imperator.
My favourate is the head-on view of the sinking Lusitania. There is only one person who could surpass that work: Ken Marschall himself!

I quite agree with Peter about that Lusitania painting. It is so real that it is not a far leap of imagination to see it in motion.

Bearing in mind Parks' comments
I would love to see anything from the career of the Lusitania if not from May 7th.

Will we one day see acompanion volume to update "Art of Titanic" covering the work that was not in that volume and his future works? I appreciate the unlikeless of this for a while but still no harm in dreaming out loud which I think this thread is all about.


P.S. The flooding of Titanic's forward boiler room would be interesting. As would the equivilent for the Lusitania...b4 the lights went out.

Jim Wilke

How about Titanic outbound from New York passing Bismarck with Aquitania inbound, say in peacetime 1916, Gigantic at sea, or the race between Deutchland and Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse, or the arrival of Persia with Pacific outbound from the North River in 1856? Gads, the opportunities. Now to set up a fund.