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What should Marschall paint next?

Discussion in 'Titanic Artwork' started by Matthew Ryan Jones, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. Laura Sprague

    Laura Sprague Member

    I would like to see Ken paint a picture of the Air Force's Texas Tower No. 4 after the tower collapsed and sank in a terrible storm on January 15, 1961. It would be interesting to see how Ken would portray the tower in its entirety at the bottom of the sea.
  2. Kevin Keating

    Kevin Keating Member

    Bringing life to an old thread ...

    A view of Titanic and Olympic in the same port, similar to the historical photograph, when Titanic was being fitted out and Olympic was getting her propeller blade replaced would be a great painting, but anything Ken does is far beyond art.

    I recently bought "Art of Titanic" and I don't think I've enjoyed a book as much as I have that one - I flip through it just about every day!
  3. Jeff Brebner

    Jeff Brebner Guest

    I'll agree on the Yamato and Titanic the morning after. And maybe the Hood.
  4. Charles

    Charles Member

    I would recommend him to paint anything , but these listed below are probably my most recommended!

    1. The reception room flooding with water pouring through the gangways.
    2. The flooding of the first class dining room, and the doors opened to allow the sea in.
    3. The first class dining room in general at dinners.
    4. The forward funnel falling over many swimmers.
    5. All of these without using the already done cutaways.
  5. Alex Clark

    Alex Clark Member

    S.S. Titan in 'Futility'.

    Titanic leaving Southampton, Olympic tying up and Britannic anchored off or on another jetty. 1923 :).

    Titanic rescuing survivors from torpedoed Californian in WWI. Perhaps with the Carpathia lending a hand.

    Carpathia cooks throwing garbage off the arse end on a sunny afternoon off Malta.

    A swarm off bees descending upon Mount Temple in dry dock.
  6. Thanks for the laugh Alex. :)
  7. Aaron_2016

    Aaron_2016 Member

    - The Titanic conducting her sea trials with crowds standing along the shore and watching her steam up and down the Irish coastline.

    - The Titanic's construction is almost complete. A father hold's a child's hand and points up at her bow which towers above them.

    - The Titanic steaming down the Irish sea at night in heavy fog. A small fishing boat, or a lightship is in the foreground. A crewman hears the blast from Titanic's whistle and looks ahead. The Titanic's bow appears through the fog and is heading right for the small boat. The seagulls fly away from the cabin roof. The lookout on the small boat is frantically ringing the bell but the Titanic can't hear them, the captain is yelling an order to turn the small boat, and the helmsman is turning the wheel hard over. The little boat escapes just as the Titanic comes charging through and the fog surrounds her again. Perhaps the spooky thing is - instead of making it 1912, the year could be 1965 and the small boat had just encountered the ghost ship of the Titanic.

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  8. robert warren

    robert warren Member

    I would love see a painting of the Titanic wreck from 1917 or 1922, just as the decay was starting to set in.
  9. Kevin K. already mentioned my idea of Belfast in early 1912, with Olympic in in the Thompson Dock and Titanic at the jetty. Would be interesting to see how the incomplete A-deck windows and paint scheme on Big T would be portrayed.

    I would like to see a proper nighttime scene, with fewer lights of the proper intensity for the time. Many have pointed out that the "birthday cake" approach is somewhat inaccurate, as not every cabin and public room was occupied *all* the time, nor were the funnels so visible at night. White Star sailing instructions dictated red oil lamps were to be hung at various locations, and perhaps *ALL* lights forward could be doused, so that the lookouts' vision was not hampered! Might give a much more foreboding sense than some of Ken's nighttime scenes.

    Perhaps a take on the departure from Southampton, with the tug Vulcan scrambling to restrain the unmoored New York, while Titanic nonchalantly pushes away the offender with a bit of 'engines astern' prop wash! That would be a busy painting, and as has been said; more ships = more $$!!

    Ken would be able to retire from our would-be commissions. And probably *buy* his own island.

    "Mister Lowe! Take a bosun's party and a Master-at-Arms, and get those children off the fo'c'sle at once!"
  10. IanMcD

    IanMcD Member

    The Japanese aircraft carrier Shinano which was sunk near the end of war by a U.S. submarine. It was a large ship and as far as I know the wreck was never been located or explored.
  11. IanMcD

    IanMcD Member

    The Great Eastern was a beautiful ship. Would love to see some paintings of her.
  12. IanMcD

    IanMcD Member

    Same here. What an eerie sight that must have been right after the ship sank.
  13. Kyle Naber

    Kyle Naber Member

    I think it would be cool to see something from Joughin’s point of view just as the stern began to slip under.
  14. Kurt Urbain

    Kurt Urbain Member

    I was actually just thinking about doing a painting of the Great Eastern, I’ll be sure to post it if I end up making that.