What Titanic Societies Would you Recomend for a Newbie

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Denise A. Hunyadi

Looking at your bio, Jesse, I'd say you're far from being a "Newbie"! Very impressive.

I'm currently a member of TIS, though I've belonged to THS in the past. Both societies have much to offer. In fact, I know of several people who belong to both organizations.

TIS is headquartered in Freehold, NJ, while THS has its home in Indian Orchard, MA. Both hold annual conventions and offer a quarterly journal.

John Clifford

John Clifford

There is also the British Titanic Society; many of its members are on this Board.

I plan to attend their 2007 Convention. There have been a lot of positive comments about the festivities.
The only thing is to be careful not to doze off in the Hotel lobby, especially if you happen to be a Titanic historian; there's a few comments about that story in the other threads.

Michael Findlay


I've read the posts about the incident you needlessly described. It was a shame that mean-spirited Titanic researchers chose to post that.

I guess one should be cautious of disgruntled Titanic researchers carrying a camera at these events.

Mike Findlay

sharon rutman

Let's smoke the peace pipe as I eat crow and humble pie. I am truly sorry if I said anything to offend anyone.
John Clifford

John Clifford

I'm with Sharon. I, too, wish to apologize to anyone I offended.

I also hope that, someday, the various Societies can organize a joint venture, perhaps for the 100th Anniversary.

Mark Baber

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There's a list of many Titanic societies around the world here. Although created in 2001, it has been updated somewhat recently---at least within the last year, year-and-a-half, or so---since it reflects the change of the Belfast Society's name, which took place in 2004, if I recall correctly.

Jesse D O'Neill


Thanks For Your Opinions. I've decided I'd like to go w/ THS, and im Also giving TIS Serious conideration, mainly because it's in the U.S. I will howver be glad to give other societies consideration (Cost, Background, Benefits in being a member, and any other sort of info that might be useful). anyone who thinks they have info which might be useful to me feel free post here, refer me to a post, or contact me privately.