What Titanic's people looked like in real life vs in the movie

The only person who was not on board and therefore should not be included in that video, is Beatrice Wood, miscaptioned as Rose DeWittt Bukater. Beatrice Wood was only the inspiration for the character Rose, played of course by Kate Winslet. As well, Lucy Noel Martha, Countess of Rothes is wrongly identified as Noel Leslie. Noel played the role of Countess of Rothes, in the movie.
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Jack thayer was not jack in the 'false' '97' movie, otherwise, great portrayals,likenesses and cast inig for all.. i think Ismay, Andrews and perhaps a few others could have been younger actors. But, finding good contemporary actors to look the part is more than difficult, next to impossible. Excellent job with visual comparisons. Thank you for your exceptional effort. Kathy Bates topped them all, and she was great!, most believable outside of the Strauss'
Also, waxed moustaches would have been a plus on the costumers part...
I shoulda gone to Hollywood in my younger years
LOL costuming, miniatures, and continuity would have been my forte!
Long live Titanic, 1912!
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Jack thayer was not jack in the 'false' '97' movie
Yes of course, that is correct. Jack Dawson was not based on any real passenger although there was a Joseph Dawson on board, but he was a trimmer.
i think Ismay, Andrews and perhaps a few others could have been younger actors.
While I fully agree Victor Garber was too old to play Thomas Andrews Jr (Garber was 46 at the time of shooting, while the real Thomas Andrews Jr was only 39, not to mention that Garber had the wrong accent. John Miller Andrews, Thomas his older brother, became the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland in 1940 and there are recordings of him which show an accent that isn’t comparable to the Irish Brogue Garber plays it or even a standard Northern Irish accent), Johnathan Hyde was however 48 at the time of shooting, one year younger than the real Mr. Ismay. However, I believe he resembled the Mr. Ismay from the 1890s more than the Mr. Ismay in 1912. Albeit much shorter than the real Mr. Ismay (who was 6’4”), the late Ian Holm in SOS Titanic had a much stronger resemblance (not to mention being the best depiction of Mr. Ismay overall in my opinion).
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