What was included with cost of ticket?

Hi all,

in looking up passengers ticket prices, I’m curious what all came with it besides your berth and included meals? Were any other services included in the price?

Thank you for any and all replies!


Kyle Naber

I think this was all that was included. Your room, meals, and of course toiletries were available to everyone. Baths, spas, and pool times (I think?) were at an additional cost, as well as the a la carte restaurant.
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The swimming pool, Turkish baths, squash court and barber were all available at an extra cost-- as well as the À la Carte Restaurant, like Kyle said. However, men could access the swimming pool for free between 6am and 9am. I presume the barber's services in first class cost the same as in second class, but that's just a guess!
3- excursions were included, for all 3 classes:

1. Fight for the lifeboats.
2. Swim with the icebergs
3. Who can float the longest

(It's a joke. Happy Holidays!)