What was the Ryerson's real cabin

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We all know by now that the Ryerson's didn't occupy those cabins in the late B50's and early B60's, so which cabins where they really in? Is it known at all? And where can I find pictures online of any of the B or C deck cabins?
The Ryersons were in the large cabins on the B-deck, far aft. Arthur and Emily may have been in B-81.The cabin allocations of course says B-57, B-59, B-61, and B-63, but these are not concrete. This was just deduced from Mrs. Ryerson's affidavit.
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Can you please provide a source for this actuality? I would very much like to look into that, as even I have been wondering.

By the way, can you clarify which was deduced from his affidavit? In reading your post, I wasn't certain whether or not you meant that the C-81 cabin was inferred by her affidavit or if that affidavit referred to the C-57, -59, -61, and -63 cabins.

Thank you.
B not c, 57, 59 and 61 were the cabins assumed to be the Ryersons'due to the fact that these deduced from her affidavit. The Ryersons' were most likely in the cabins around B-51. I have not had the time to dig up this information because it is buried in my TONS of research, but I will find it and get it to you as soon as I can.
Thank you for your patience in this matter,
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That was a typo, Shane. I figured that you'd notice. Sorry about that. I was still thinking about my last post, regarding C- and D-Deck, in the category below.

Well, I was just curious regarding B-81. I thought that someone else was in that cabin, and it caused some confusion. In any case, I look forward to hearing from you. I know what it's like to juggle through TONS of research myself, as well as writing, so no rush. Take your time.
I am stumbling upon some interesting stuff trying to find this! It may NOT have been B-81. But as I said, it may have been around it.
You see, B-81 is a very small cabin (36 sq. ft.) and was probably in mind for a servants quarter. This could have been the Ryersons' servant quarter.
In Mrs. Ryerson's affidavit, she stated that she heard people overhead, which is most likely the First Class Entrance. Some of the rooms suggested are to far forward so something closer to the expansion joint would be more likely. So,B-81, B-83, and B-79 are the cabins concluded.
Hello Shane,

I believe that you will find that B-81 was one of the large outside rooms.

It also appears that the so-called Servant's rooms were more of the order of 81 square feet.

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>>In Mrs. Ryerson's affidavit, she stated that she heard people overhead, which is most likely the First Class Entrance.<<

Actually, Shane, there were no 1st-Class cabins under the staircases. There were a few, however, near the staircases. If they heard people overhead, it wouldn't have been from the staircases; those overhead sounds could have come, then, from two places: (1) corridors or rooms on the deck directly above, or (2) from the A-Deck promenade. Remember that B-Deck cabins came right to the hull (except at the extreme forward part of the deck, forward of the grand staircase), which means that the outside B-Deck cabins would have, at least partially, fallen directly under the A-Deck promenade, on which people were moving all the time. This could account for the "overhead sounds." In this case, the Ryerson's could have occupied any outside cabin on B-Deck (except at the forward end, and we know they weren't there), not necessarily one near a staircase.

>>Some of the rooms suggested are to far forward so something closer to the expansion joint would be more likely. So,B-81, B-83, and B-79 are the cabins concluded.<<

What does this have to do with "overhead sounds"? These sounds could have come, as stated, from anywhere above, not just near an expansion joint.

Of course, I think this is your reasoning: the Ryersons heard 'incessant bustling,' which would put them near a staircase. Since B-57 through -63 were too far forward and not close enough to the forward grand staircase, and, for some reason that you think, noise is somehow amplified near an expansion joint, then the Ryersons' cabin(s) must have been near the aft grand staircase, putting them in the higher-numbered cabins.

For the reasons stated in my first two paragraphs above, this was not, nor could not have necessarily been, the case. There is no reason or proof that noise is amplified near an expansion joint. Further, the terms "overhead sounds" as used in the affidavit do not suggest amplified sounds--just sounds! Since the A-Deck promenade would no doubt have had constant movement traversing them on both sides of the ship, it would be easy to hear such sounds in any given outside cabin along B-Deck (except, as stated, those forward).

Besides, Mrs. Ryerson, an adult and most likely an intelligent woman, would have known the cabin(s) in which her family were occupants, so have some faith in an eyewitness account. According to your words...

"...57, 59 and 61 were the cabins assumed to be the Ryersons'due to the fact that these deduced from her affidavit..."

...Mrs. Ryerson claimed they were in B-57 through -61 (-63?). These cabins were on the outside, right under the starboard A-Deck promenade, from which they would have heard "overhead sounds," so there's no reason to assume that Ryerson was 'mistaken.' She had to have known. There is nothing in her testimony that would have suggested that she was wrong (Of course, I haven't read her entire testimony; I am merely going by what you have asserted she had said).

Nice try, Shane, I don't mean to put a damper on your efforts, but keep working at it . . . ;)
One of my points was not to assert that the Ryersons weren't in the higher-numbered cabin(s), but merely that they didn't necessarily have to be, although they might have been. The "overhead noise" they heard came from overhead, not aft, forward, or outside. Unless you have further evidence that would suggest that Mrs. Ryerson was wrong, the Ryersons could have occupied any outside starboard cabin on B-Deck between The Cardezas and the aft grand staircase.
>>We all know by now that the Ryerson's didn't occupy those cabins in the late B50's and early B60's...<<

What reasoning and evidence do you have to support this, Jessica? Please read my two posts addressed to Shane above. They will clarify the issue for you.

Take care
Hi, I had read and talked to other people who led them to believe that, but also when I posted that it was last November and I've found out more about it since and different theories as well, including things you have said. I haven't even checked this message out since I posted it almost a year ago, until I started recently getting your's and Shane's messages in my inbox because I had once clicked to have them sent to me. I didn't mean to go into a whole big debate about this honestly, because I'm just a 16 year old who's been writing a fictitious Titanic novel since I was twelve. The Ryersons are "friends" of my story family, so I hoped to know as best as possible what room they could be in. All of your's and Shane's information could help me, but I could just as easily say cabins on B-deck.
The main reason it bugged me was because I had the family set in rooms B-58, B-59, and B-60. Then I heard rumors that the Ryersons were in those rooms so I wanted to double check it so I can use rooms that no one actually occupied on the ship. I don't have any evidence. I'm just a teenager who wanted answers to write my novel so I asked people who knew more about it than I did.
Hello guys!

I'm in Europe at the moment, so I won't have access to my sources for a while.

From my research, Mrs. Ryeron mentions in the affidavit that they were in the "large" cabins very far aft. They occupied 3 cabins, so the best position for 3 consecutive cabins is B77, B81 and B85. According to her deposition from 1913, she used the aft stiarcase to go from her cabin and up on deck with Mrs Thayer, so that certainly supports that the Ryersons were in the large aft cabins. Of course some of them could have been in the two aftmost large cabins, but it just seems more logical that they all shared the aftmost 3 consecutive cabins.

Please, DO NOT apologize. Just because you are younger and only asked a question...well, that's what this message board is for. It's nice to debate and bounce ideas off of each other, it's how we learn more. I hope all is going well with your novel, and I wish you the best of luck! If you have ANY questions, by all means post them, we'd love to help (and perhaps learn also)!
Best wishes and good luck!
Shane N. Worthy
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Shane, thanks. I just have a habit of getting defensive and putting a shield up. I've had a lot of people act sort of patronizing to me and not always like my story. As it is, I'm on the 7th version already, because I talk to people like you guys who know a lot about it and I feel I need to add all of the good information to it that I can find. I also do realize I need all the help that I can get
and I appreciate it all.
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