What was the Ryerson's real cabin

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Hello Shane,

Have you now sorted out your B-81 question posted both as part of this thread and under the Lusitania/Mauretania deck plans thread.

I agree with Daniel that likely rooms were: B-77, 81 and 83, with 79 or 85 for the maid.
>>I'm just a teenager who wanted answers to write my novel so I asked people who knew more about it than I did.<<

No need to apologize, Jessica. I should be the one to apologize. I didn't know. Besides, just because you're a teenager doesn't mean that you're less able to assess information than an adult, although I realize that that wasn't your intention.

As for your writing a novel, I am a creative writer, too, who just so happen to love the Titanic, hehe. I am 40 years old, a graduate student in English, and have been studying Titanic for twenty years. One never learns everything about Titanic, which is why we keep on asking questions. Please, don't stop.

As you can see, I can be wrong, too, but I try. Even if the info is incorrect, you can still use the reasoning behind what I said to help you assess certain things. Good luck!

By the way, please feel free to stop in at any time.

>>As it is, I'm on the 7th version already, because I talk to people like you guys who know a lot about it and I feel I need to add all of the good information to it that I can find...<<

It takes a while. Please don't be in a rush to finish. Something worth doing deserves to be done right, and research cannot be done overnight.

>>From my research, Mrs. Ryeron mentions in the affidavit that they were in the "large" cabins very far aft...According to her deposition from 1913, she used the aft staircase to go from her cabin and up on deck...<<

Daniel, thank you! I was merely going by the information provided by Mr. Worthy, above, and he only mentioned "overhead sounds." The additional information you present changes things. Thanks again for providing the information. That satisfies my curiosity as well.

>>I myself am writing a novelization. They can be very complex!<<

Yes they can, especially when you invest a lot and dig deep. I wish you luck, Shane, and keep up the research.

Again, sorry. As said, I was merely responding to the info you provided.

>>I agree with Daniel that likely rooms were: B-77, 81 and 83, with 79 or 85 for the maid.<<

And after hearing the additional information provided by Daniel, so do I. Thanks, Les.
Again, I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions. Sometimes I react off-the-cuff, and that's not always a good idea. I should have read her affidavit myself before commenting, and from now on, I'll either do my research before commenting in critique form, or provide a source for my claims. As someone who's preparing to do his Ph.D., I realize the importance of reading before speaking, and I better get into that habit, because my credibility as a professional and a doctoral candidate depends on it.

Once again, my apologies.


Richard Dobrenel

I apologize. You all may find my question a little bit stupid. For many weeks nom, I'm interested in Titanic and the life aboard. I've seen that Lester Mitcham had a very detailed plan of the B-81. Would it be possible to find the same plans for all the other cabins (particularly for the 2nd and 3rd classes) as well as a description in order to know how they all were decorated.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

If you go to the following web-site you can purchase a copy of Bruce Beveridge's deck plans. They show the placement of all of the furniture in all of the staterooms, public rooms and service areas: http://titanic-model.com/ Go down to the: GENERAL ARRANGEMENT PLANS...
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