What were some of the hobbies of Titanic's passengers and crew

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Jan 7, 2002
Does anyone know if any of Titanic's passengers and crew were collectors? I think Eva Hart collected small glass frogs. Were there any book collectors, butterfly collectors, etc amongst Titanic's compliment? How many painters and artists? There were certainly a number of writers..

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
Edwardians, of the leisured classes at least, were fervent collectors. Visiting cards, lantern slides, souvenir spoons, anything and everything. Only the wealthier passengers of course could collect antiques. Harry Widener was a dedicated book collector. His mother favoured porcelain and silver. William Hipkins was more original - he collected only artifacts relating to Napoleon. In 3rd Class they generally lacked the time and resources, but Adolf Dyker collected fares on the streetcars. Does that count? :)

Inger Sheil

Feb 9, 1999
Pitman and Moody both collected stamps at points in their lives. I don't know if Moody was still collecting as an adult - he was certainly keen as a child, and sent home interesting stamps to his family.

Blair, Lowe and Moody all dabbled in photography - Blair and Lowe were quite proficient in it, but again I think Moody's interest tapered off a bit.

Lowe enjoyed fishing and shooting his entire life, and I seem to recall Lightoller had similar interests. Lowe also sketched and did the odd watercolour (perhaps not surprising, as the son of an accomplished artist).

Moody and Lightoller were quite handy with woodworking tasks - there are one or two examples from Moody's childhood, for example a stamp box he made, and there's a wonderful photo of Lightoller on the Oceanic exhibiting his boatbuilding skills - skills he later put to good use in his Twickenham boatshed. Lowe built at least one duckpunt in his life, and like Murdoch (and, I think, Lightoller) was quite handy with boatmodelling. Lowe had a workshop in later years that he used for bits of woodwork and similar tasks.
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