What Were the Chelsea Piers Like?


Sep 19, 2016
One thing I'm intensely curious about is what it would have been like to make use of New York's Chelsea Piers in 1912, when Olympic was regularly departing from Pier 59, and Titanic was scheduled to begin using the piers, as well. I know what the facade of the complex looked like; it was pink granite, designed in the Beaux-Arts style by Warren & Wetmore, who also designed Grand Central Terminal, which opened in its present form in 1913.

But I have little idea what the piers were like, from a passenger standpoint, once one passed through the arched entrances. The Internet is not being much help, either. Does anyone know of a resource that would depict - or at least describe - what it was like to be inside the pier buildings, and what boarding a ship from them entailed?

I am interested in the Chelsea Piers of Olympic's and Titanic's day; I have less than no interest in their present form.