What were the papers Mrs. Uzcudum and Richard Sturges working on?

Dan Kappes

Dan Kappes

In this movie, Richard Sturges (Clifton Webb) gets on board the Titanic by giving a steerage passenger named Jean Pablo Uzcadum a huge sum of money to buy 100 acres of land in exchange for him giving him his third class ticket.

Later in the film, his wife, Mrs. Uzcudum, is seen working with papers which she apparently has a tough time dealing with, forcing her to seek out Richard who is now in the First Class section for help. Giff Rogers (Robert Wagner) tells Richard when she arrives.

Richard and Mrs. Uzcadum then are seen both working on the papers, with Richard telling her to put her signature on them and that to keep the papers until he sends a steward. Shortly after this scene, he then meets and brushes off a comment by Maude Young about how great a card player he's rumored to be and then strolls along the promenade deck with his estranged wife Julia (Barbara Stanwyck) and they talk about the illegitimacy of his son.

Were the papers legal documents which would help give the Uzcadum family their 100 acres once they arrived in America?

Robert T. Paige

Since so much of this movie is more or less fiction I would not even hazard a guess. LOL
The papers might have been legal documents connected with immigration.

But one of the biggest goofs in this movie is the scene in which Richard is told that Titanic "Has been sold out for months." I think if the makers of this movie had done a little research they would have found that this was not the case. Titanic was certainly not sold out and Richard would have no trouble in getting passage in any class, especially First Class

Which brings up a question.
Were there any passengers who booked passage at a last moment such as this at any ports, Southampton, Cherbourg or Queenstown ?
From what I have read ,there were plenty of vacancies available in all classes ?
I know there are stories that many canceled at the last moment ?

Also , pushing the " What happened after the end of this movie" in another thread, let us hope that Mrs. Uzcadum arrived safely , Mr. Uzcadum later, they were re-united and able to get on with their plans !
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robert warren

Mrs Uzcadum would have arrived safely.During the sinking Richard goes to third class and takes Mrs Uzcadum and her kids up to the boat deck and places them in the boat , even placing her little girl in Mrs Astors' lap.