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What/whom would you like to see/meet?

Discussion in 'How to Pass the Time' started by Matthew O'Brien, Aug 6, 2002.

  1. Ben Lemmon

    Ben Lemmon Member

    I basically used that point as a precursor to that link. Besides, the warning shots seemed to work effectively. What do you think would have happened had someone been tasered, though? Do you still think there would have been such a push to the boats? Sorry, just thinking out loud.
  2. We have a topic about Time travel somewhere on this forum. I forgot what I said I'd do if I could go back in time. I think it was reconnaissance. Actually like Walter Lord I'd be on the California and see what was going on there.
  3. Tazers would be useless for crowd control in any event. What this thing does is fire a couple of small darts which trail out thin wires through which electricty is delivered. You can take down one person with it but not a mob. If you want to deal with a mob with less then lethal force, the best weapon you have is a charged firehose.
  4. Ben Lemmon

    Ben Lemmon Member

    Maybe one person out of many would be the only required force. Not everyone was rushing and pushing their way to the boats. Take one renegade person down, and at least a few people would settle down. But I wouldn't really expect anyone to do this. Again, I was merely using the taser aspect as a preamble to the link I posted. Just for laughs.
  5. >>Maybe one person out of many would be the only required force.<<

    Not if you have a full blown panic in progress it isn't. Once the avalanche has started, the rest of the rocks don't much care what happens to one of the pebbles. The time where such an action would be effective is just when it looks like it's about to go south on you. Once it gets going, you need more drastic measures.
  6. In my opinion? One person would definitely go down--the one you stun. But consider, too, that such a reaction might set others in the mob to become even more hysterical due to the fear of the taser.

    Also, remember that tasers are designed (if I remember rightly) to work on only one person before a new one is required, unless upgrades have been made where a single taser can be used on several people.
  7. >>unless upgrades have been made where a single taser can be used on several people.<<

    I haven't seen any. I've seen the pieces the local police carry. You get one shot out of it and that's all you get. Until somebody invents a directed energy weapon al la Star Trek which can be packed into a rifle/pistol sized package, I don't think you'll see diddly squat which will give you multiple shots.
  8. Exactly. Thanks for confirming my point, Michael.
  9. jamie hague

    jamie hague Member

    Hi everyone! I would liked to have hung out with Robert Williams Daniel and his French bulldog and of course Molly Brown. I'm sure we would have had a good craic visiting the third class saloon.
  10. Jen

    Jen Member

    I would love to have met Lawrence Beesley. I was at the Las Vegas Titanic exhibit and i seen a picture of this distinguished gentleman, not to mention the guy was pretty hot. lol..He was an English/science teacher and traveled second class to visit his brother in Canada...So when i got home i did some heavy research on him and found he had written a book on Titanic just months after the wreck of his own experiences. I could hardly stop reading.....Heres the site where you can read the whole book online. http://www.titanic-titanic.com/loss_of_the_ss_titanic_1.shtml Its A MUST read for any Titanic fanatic..

  11. I would love to have met Ruth Elizabeth Becker. She has a very kind heart.
  12. Arun Vajpey

    Arun Vajpey Member

    If I had unrestricted access through the ship for a day, I would visit the engine room to see how everything worked there; glance at the First Class public rooms and listened to the talk of the lite - both men and women; inspected Third Class accommodation and amenities; but perhaps spent most time among the passengers of Second Class, who in my opinion, would perhaps be the most interesting bunch. I'd have my meals with them too.

    Extending the same hypothesis and assuming that those concerned would be willing to speak with me, I would have tried to meet and talk to Lawrence Beesley, Kate Buss, Martta Hiltunen (through a Finnish-English interpreter whom I miraculously would find), August Wennerstrom, Eugene Daly, Jack Thayer, John Collins (scullion) and of course William McMaster Murdoch.
  13. Arun Vajpey

    Arun Vajpey Member

    Were there people on board the Titanic that you'd have liked to meet? It does not matter if they were passengers or crew, survivors or victims. The question is based on what you feel about their possible personalities by reading various accounts about the Titanic and NOT because of the disaster itself.

    My shortlist is as follows:

    Kate Buss
    Michel Navratil (aka Louis Hoffmann)
    William Murdoch
    Lawrence Beesley
    August Wennerstrom
    Delia McDermott
    Alice Cleaver
  14. Tim Aldrich

    Tim Aldrich Member

    Chief Engineer Joseph Bell is the one person I would want to meet and chat with.