What would have made Britannic interior Grander

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Luke Mack

I know about the pipe organ and smoking room...what else would make Brittanics interior grander? Was she to have bathrooms in all first class cabins? winter garden? playroom?
You might want to click on Hospital Ship Britannic for the Might Have Beens on this. As I understand it, this ship was to have a playroom. I don't recall that en suite bathrooms would have been available in all of first class though. The deck plans I've seen don't tend to indicate such.
Hi Luke,

There were many changes to Britannic that provided an increase level of comfort compared to her two older sisters. Here is a quick summary of some of the things that were improved in the passenger accomondation. For more of an indepth look, check out the above link that Michael posted above.

Improvements made to Britannic, the last of the class

- First-class elevators were extended up to the Boat-Deck whilst on Olympic & Titanic they only went up as far as A-deck

- A Nusery added on the Boat-Deck for the first-class

- A Pipe Organ added in the foyer of the Grand Staircase

- An enlarged first-class Reception Room for the A La Carte Resturant

- An expanded first-class A La Carte Restuarant

- A additional elevator in first-class

- A additional enclosed promenade deck for first-class on B-deck

- A renovated Swimming Bath on F-deck for first-class

- A Salon for the fist-class ladies.

- An increase of shared bath room facilities in first-class

- A second-class gym for the second-class

There were other changes, but for greater detail on these and more check out the HMS Britannic website.

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I am surprised that they made this many changes. I find the position of the 4th 1st class elevator to be strange though. Its in the middle of nowhere.
>>I am surprised that they made this many changes.<<

I'm not. As competative as the business was...and still is for cruising...shipping lines are always striving to make each ship a little better, which is to say more appealing to the customer...then the one that came befor.
What a radical improvement in the swimming bath..
I recall reading an account of a survivor that suggested thta Britannic's swimming bath was completed, and indeed, opulant...


tarn Stephanos
Yeah, would it be the likes of those on the HAPAG liners Imperator and Vaterland?

Just curious, since the Imperator was already out. I had always thought their swimming baths were magnificent!
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